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Pillows, Pillows, everywhere.  I am a mild obsession with pillows.  Is it me or have pillows evolved to a whole other level of cuteness in the past two years?  Me-oh-my how I love a little fluffy décor on a chair or a couch.  I also am not a huge seasonal decorator but I do love to change out my pillows to add a little holiday cheer to my home.

I am starting my Easter pillow this week. Here are some I have made on Infarrantly Creative out of drop cloth canvas fabric.

St Patrick’s Day Lucky Pillow

luckypillow (3)_thumb[3]

President’s Day Silhouette Pillow


Here are a couple that sit on my son’s bunk beds.  Here is the Chalkboard Fabric Silhouette Pillow of my son Isaac.  I put the meaning on his name on it with Chalk Inks.


And his Embroidered Adventure Pillow


Here is one that is sitting on the couch in our master bedroom.  This is one of the things I always say when I walk into our house after being gone awhile.  Embroidered Home Sweet Home Pillow.


And here are the two that reside on some wingback chairs I reupholstered.  Here is my Embroidered Love Birds Pillow.


And lastly, my Pottery Barn Knock off Nest Pillow


So welcome to pillow week.  We can’t wait to get some ideas!



  1. I am a pillow lover and pillow maker as well. I usually make new pillows to fit existing forms so when I store seasonal one’s they lay flat and take up less room. Your pillows are so awesome!

  2. Wow – those pillows are all AWESOME. Just when I thought I had fun pillows… I’m swept away by yours. LOL My fave is the embroidered bird love. Great job. I can’t wait to link up!


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