The CSI Project’s Painted Halloween{The CSI Girl}


This week’s challenge is all about paint and how we have used it for our Halloween projects. I have painted alot for this holiday and so I am doing a round up of all of my projects.


1) Painted Candy Corn Muslin Bags

2)  Painted Halloween Frame- Go see my guest post and tutorial here.

3) My Eye ball Pumpkin- Go here to see the tutorial

4) My easy DIY ghosts- Go here to see the tutorial.


5) Painted Beadboard Pumpkins- I made several of these. See all of them here.

6) Halloween Signs- See the tutorial here.

7) Halloween Signs- Same tutorial

8) Halloween Party Sign- Same tutorial

For my crafts, I usually use Acrylic paint from any craft store but I also love Krylon spray paint.

This is alot of paint and craftiness but I am ready for Halloween!

How about you?

From the CSI family,

Have a fun, creep, crawly Halloween!




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