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The Magic of Christmas! Do you believe?

Hey, remember that time we used to have craft challenges?

Yeah, we still do but not until January. Here at The CSI Project we believe in families and family time. The holidays is a great time to take in all that the season has to offer and that means family time, traditions and making memories. So, we know you love crafts and creating- and we LOVE that about you- but we also hope you have had a wonderful December and are preparing for the big days ahead!

The other day after looking at all of the presents under the tree and organizing them by person, our CSI 9 year old comments on them. I said that someone has been busy shopping and she says, “You. Mom’s always buy the presents.”

She has it all figured out, right? Already.

But it got me thinking about the magic of Christmas and how over time that “magic” changes.

You go from waiting on Santa to becoming Santa. You go from having a hard time falling asleep on Christmas Eve to cherishing every moment of sleep you can actually get. You go from shaking the presents to guess what is inside to being the one who actually wraps them.

 This year my parents moved out of the house I grew up in and that may not seem like a big deal to anyone else but for me it was a big deal. It is the house I spent my childhood in from my birth until I moved out in college. After over 30 years of living in their home and after  having the same address and phone number, my parents decided to make the move to a new neighborhood and a new home.

While I am happy that my mother now has a working dish washer for the first time and happy that my dad has a new room he can call a media room, I was also a bit sad. Not because my parents owe me anything. They absolutely gave me the best gift ever. They gave me a life full of wonderful memories in that small house on 52nd street.

This was my home……….

the last room on the left was mine from the moment

I came home from the hospital until I moved out years later.



They gave me stability my whole life and a warm house to come home to even after I moved away.  It was in that small house that they also showed me what Christmas magic is.

 So, with Christmas upon us once again, I begin to remember all of those Christmas’s spent in that brick home in a west Texas town. I am so grateful my mom wanted us to be at home every year so we never traveled. She would always say that Santa knew exactly where to find us. I am also grateful that my grandparents would come and stay with us on Christmas Eve because my silly grandpa made every holiday that much more fun!

I realized that I shouldn’t be sad that they no longer live in that home because the memories are in my heart and no one can take them away from me. Christmas magic is born within our spirits and nurtured through out our lives so that we too can share that same spirit with our own children and grandchildren. That is what my parents did for me. They nurtured that Christmas magic that was in my heart so that when the time came for me to have my own family, I am able to share the love that was passed down to me.

The magic of Christmas is in your heart. It is in the traditions and memories.

The other night this was the sight in my home that reminded me of the true magic of Christmas.

Life isn’t perfect. It isn’t a fairy tale but for this moment in time, my life made sense. Without a doubt, I am where I am meant to be with the people who I am meant to be with.

 I felt the magic of Christmas as I remembered what it was like to be a young girl on Christmas in that house on 52nd street. It all came back to me.

I now know the joy my mom felt to see me sitting my the tree surrounded by presents. She knew the joy of seeing her kids so happy as we believed in that magic and in the big man in red. She knew the joy of seeing her kids smile and hearing our laughter on Christmas morning. She knew the “magic” of Christmas and she chose to pass it down to me.

I know that joy too, mom.

In that small house that we called home, I learned from her. I learned how to be a “mom.”  I learned how to create traditions. I learned that home is where you make it. She did that for me and now it is my turn.

I learned how to spread the Christmas cheer.

I learned to love the “magic” of Christmas.

Now, my heart is in my home and this Christmas you can find it there surrounded by presents, decorations and the family I love and call my own.

But you can bet that my heart returns, even if for a moment, to that home on 52nd street

for that is where the “magic” began for me!

Where did it begin for you?

Where does your heart go to remember the “magic?”

Believe in the magic of Christmas

Merry Christmas from our family to yours, from our home to yours…..

New craft challenges are coming your way!

January 2014




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