3 Heart Valentine’s Wreath


What is better than 1 heart?

3 of course!

What is better than a wreath?

Don’t answer that!

Wreaths are fantastic!Wreaths make me happy.

The other day Mr. CSI comments.

“You really like Wreaths. The door is never without one.”

I was like.


Yep. No words.The look says it all.

Of course, I have to have a wreath on the door!!!

Then, I was like…….how long have we’ve been married and you are just now commenting.

Ok, onto the 3 heart Wreath.


I found the 3 hearts at The Dollar Tree. The heart with cupid I already had.


Ok, if you blink, you miss how easy this is to make. Just like most small town in west Texas, don’t blink or you will miss them.

I can say with no offense to small west Texas towns. I grew up there and loved it!

It’s ok, ya’ll!

All I did was tie ribbon to connect them. Added the heart with cupid.



This cost me $3. I had everything else at home.

Easy Peasy hearts a plenty!

Always remember when you Create and Share. You will Inspire!

Come link up your own Valentine’s Day goodies tonight!



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