Super Mario Brothers Party


Hi there, my craft lovelies!

This is your CSI Girl and I love birthday’s!

I have even been known to throw a party for my fur babies!

My favorite things about birthday parties is coming up with my own twist on a theme.

It is fun to create your own decor and get creative!


So, when it came time to throw a Super Mario Brothers Party for a girl, I was ready.

Our very own CSI Girl loves to play Mario on her Nintendo DS.  Her favorite character is Yoshi.

When I start to plan a party I think about the printables, the table decor and food.

I used cupcake toppers for the straws and push up pops.

Since our girl doesn’t love cake, I kept it small and just did mini cupcakes in push up pops.

For the table decor, I made a Piranha Plant. I had to watch the game to learn what this stuff was.

I made the stars. I think they are called “power up” stars.

Food is very important. We do a special dinner for each birthday in the CSI home so for this party we did kabobs.

Fun, interactive dinner.

I love, love throwing birthday parties. This week come show us your parties too!

We can’t wait to see them!

Party on!!!



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