In case you didn’t know. It is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

I feel like this has become a holiday for America. Well, might as well get in on it because as my mom would say, If everyone’s parents allowed them to jump off a bridge, would I?

I am not everyone’s parent. So no!

Well, maybe I have jumped off the proverbial bridge that is Shark Week.

I came up with an easy kids craft that uses things you might already have at home.

If not, you can find what you need very easily and for inexpensive.


You will need:

~  Paint

~ Small flower pots

~ Gray felt

~ Googly eyes

~ Glue Gun

~ Paper Plate or white felt

~ Small wood circle

First, with a hot glue gun, put the flower pots together. Add the wood circle to the middle bottom. This will let the shark sit up. Do it before you paint so you can stand it up. Just easier that way!


Now, paint. Let the kids pick a fun color or stay with the gray shark.


Grab gray felt and just freehand the fins and tail.


Cut them out and hot glue on. Now, add eyes and I used a paper plate to cut teeth. Just what I had on hand.

Oh and if the kid you are crafting with wants it SUPER real life, you just might add red paint for blood. I know. I know. I was like……….


WHOA! But hey, Shark Week is a serious thing. We mess around in the CSI House!




This is an easy craft for the kiddos to help celebrate Shark Week.

Come on everyone is doing it!

Jump off that bridge too!

Always remember to Create, Share and Inspire!