Fall Painting{Our Pumpkin Patch}

fall painting

fall painting

All you need is a canvas.

Let your paint brush guide you.

Mix colors to get the color that speaks to you.

I took 3 different shades of orange and a bit of brown and it was then I knew what color my pumpkins should be.


I then outlined the pumpkins with a sharpie. I love the look of that for some reason.

Added the names but you could always use vinyl.



I am not an artist and never claim to be.

I don’t think artists use a sharpie.

I am a creator. I grab a paintbrush and enjoy the freedom to create what is on my heart.

The CSI kids are in my heart. My family is in my heart so with fall on my mind, I combined the two.

Who is in your pumpkin patch?

Always remember to feel the freedom to Create, Share and Inspire!

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  1. Avie Tee 2 years ago

    Great post! I am always hesitant to paint anything unless its pretty much done for me (then what is the point lol), but I think I need to give your method a try and let the brush guide me. Also I shouldn’t so afraid of what the outcome will look like. LOL 🙂

  2. Jess Scull 2 years ago

    That came out SO nice! Awesome job!

  3. Amanda Haney 2 years ago

    How precious! I need to do this for our home this fall.

  4. Daisy 2 years ago

    This is super cute. You are so creative. I need to try getting creative more often.

  5. Amanda Love 2 years ago

    I am no artist but I so love this idea. I would love a pumpkin patch of my family and hang in my kitchen around Halloween.

  6. Carly 2 years ago

    This is TOO cute! Totally need to make something like this for our house!

  7. Super cute idea! We are expecting a babe in the Spring and this would be cute to do our birthdays with our names! Thanks!

  8. Neely 2 years ago

    I love the painting!!

  9. oh super cute! I love painting and am definitely not an artist either 🙂

  10. kendall 2 years ago

    So cute! Love this – sounds like a great project to do with the little ones! 🙂

  11. lauriel 2 years ago

    Super-cute painting; I love the addition of the twine to add dimension! Lovely way to decorate for fall, along with apple cider… mmmm…. 😀


  12. Allie 2 years ago

    So very cute! Great project!

  13. Sarah 2 years ago

    That is really cool! I am not even that talented. I can’t even draw with a sharpie………

  14. Raewyn 2 years ago

    This is wonderful! I feel the same way – I’m not an artist either. I always love using sharpie to outline my work!

  15. Joanna Sormunen 2 years ago

    Great painting! I think it’s art 🙂 My pumpkin patch has me, my son, our two cats and dogs, and my parents.

  16. This is SO cute! And, I’m pretty sure “artists” use whatever they want 🙂 Love the effect it adds to the pumpkins!

  17. Oh my gosh that is so cute! I don’t have a family of my own, but I bet my mom would love it if I made one of these as a gift for my parents!

  18. Jessica 2 years ago

    that is a really cute idea! have you tried the paint markers they work like a sharpie?..i am an artist and I use both lol. so you are good haha.

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