Thank you for your interest in promoting your business or website with The CSI Project. The purpose behind our site is in our name: create…share…inspire. And that means sharing YOU with our readers. Some of the stats for our site are as follows:

  • Averaging well over 100,000  pageviews a month.
  • Over 85,000 unique visitors every month.
  • Our ad space recieved 87,000 views during the month of November 2011 and it averages that every month.
  • The CSI Project also has a very high page rank from Google. (see below) What this means is that your link on our site will carry a lot of weight with the Google Search engine and boost your search results for your own site. Google PageRank Checker

Each week bloggers come to The CSI Project looking for a crafting challenge and a chance to showcase their skills — while vying for the judge’s top pick. At the end of the week the winner is crowned with the sought after “top pick” button that they can display for all to see. We desire to inspire other bloggers through sharing our creativity with one another.

We love partnering with businesses that cater to the creative, DIY spirit. We love to advertise for you. You can expect us to tweet and Facebook post about you and your company often so our readers can connect with you. I feel that when they hear fun facts about you that they are more likely to visit your shops or website. * Prices are subject to change Premier Advertising Spots – 30 days for $35, 60 days for $65 or 90 days for $100 1. 125 x 125 ad on the right sidebar under “Premier Sponsors” header 2. Links back to your url Click here to sign up for a Premier Advertising Spot!

CSI Giveway Sponsorship  Giveway-$30

1. 125 x 125 ad on top right of sidebar under “This Weeks Giveaway” 2. A blog post featuring your business on Sunday 3.Your link at the bottom of every post that project week. 4. With a CSI Giveway Sponsorship you must be willing to donate the prize for the week valued at a minimum of $30. Contact us at [email protected]with the subject line: CSI Giveway Sponsorship.

Weekly Challenge Corporate Sponsorship – one week run $150

1. 125 x 125 ad on top right of sidebar under “This Weeks Giveaway” 2. A blog post featuring your business on Monday 3. Your link at the bottom of every post that project week. 4. For the Challenge Corporate Sponsorship the weekly challenge will be geared toward using your product(s).  You will have the option to be the judge for challenge entries.  You must also be willing to donate the prize for the week valued at a minimum of $30.

“….This Post sponsored by…..”  YOU

This is an option for you that is seen not only on our homepage but also in google reader. So many people follow their favorite blogs in google reader and they have to click on the post to see the entire post and our homepage, but in google reader they see half the post and You if you advertise this way.

You would get your shop name and shop image/button at the bottom of any post you choose.

For current sponors with ad space, this $15 a post. For non sponsors, this is $25 a post.


Do you want a craft featured on the right side of the blog? Advertising is for shops and companies but Craft-tising is for YOU, blogger and craft Diva. The craft does not have to be the weekly challenge. It can be anything you have created. Your craft will be featured for 3 days during the link party. So, that is Wednesday through Friday. It will be on the home page of the blog, featured on FB and Twitter multiple times a day. Also, it will be pinned on The CSI Project’s Pinterest Page under CSI Tutorials and Inspiration. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site.

There is also a 2 day option which is Monday through Tuesday.

Craft-tising is $10 for 3 days.

$5 for 2 days

email The CSI Project to get more information and sign up!

All billing is done via Paypal or Authorizenet.  If you have any questions please contact us using the form below.

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“The CSI Project was  terrific organization to work with.  The blog posting brought awareness to Fish Foam and increased traffic to our site.  Being a guest judge was a real pleasure for GeGe Mix and it gave us a chance to participate in the promotion.   We received great communication the whole way and would be thrilled to work with the CSI team again.”  – Nathan Merrick, Fish Foam


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