Gold + White Thanksgiving Table with a Pop of Pink

Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite holidays to decorate for and to celebrate. I love it because it isn’t about gifts or other things that distract us. It is about eating, spending the day with family and setting a beautiful table to eat at. I also love the cooking part of it. It […]

Gratitude Keeper

This the season when we typically think about the many things we are grateful for. I love the idea of sharing with your family one thing you are grateful for the entire month of November. With that in mind, I came up with a way to “count our blessings” and share them as a […]

Mirror Turned Tombstone DIY

Halloween Season has begun!
Hip Hip Hooray!

Let the decorating, costume planning and treat making begin!
I had this mirror from our dresser just laying around. I knew I could upcycle it into something and with Halloween on my mind, I knew just what to make.

I took out the glass and started the painting.
I used Rustoleum gray […]

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Easy Book Page Wreath

So, your Book Club is coming over to have their monthly meeting.
If you are me, then you decide you need decor.
Book inspired decor.

This is easy to make and I didn’t make a trip to craft store. I used everything I had at home.
Yes, that means I tore up a book. That is the worst […]

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Running Group Wood Sign

I came across this in the clearance aisle at

I loved it! I needed it!
But for what???
I am in charge of a running group and we are starting a new session soon, so I am throwing a BBQ.
Enter door prize for one of the runners!

I help each person train for the first 5K and […]

Cassette Tape Centerpiece

The 80’s called and they want their cassette tapes back!

When you host 80’s movie night at your home, why not decorate for it?
We have friends that we get together with to watch 80’s movies. For one night we relive the 80’s and enjoy the cheesy movies we once loved.
We also eat dinner and dessert […]

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Floppy Disc Craft{What’s that?}

Remember floppy discs?

What a blast from the past!
This what I saved papers on in college and all of the articles I wrote for the school paper.
But now, these floppy discs are a thing of the past.
I dug some out and decided they would make a fun gift idea for the oldest CSI kid who […]

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Be YOU tiful Summer Sign

This time of year you attend graduations, proms and the end of school. This time of year reminds me of the last few days of school when you are scrambling to get your yearbook signed. This makes me laugh because when I look back on my high school yearbook,  I love the ones that […]

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Flip Flop Wreath DIY

Summer is here! So, why not have any guest welcomed to your home by a Flip Flop Wreath.
For us in Arizona, wearing flip flops is what we call Arizona Chic. It doesn’t get much fancier when you have sunshine all year long.
This wreath was fun, easy and inexpensive to make.
All you need is:
~ Styrofoam […]

A Frame for Dad{Father’s Day Gift Idea}

With some puzzle pieces, Scrabble game tiles and paint, this frame for dear ol’ Dad came together.

Be sure to paint the sides and I added a ribbon to embellish it some more.

I just adore Scrabble game letters. Fun and whimsical. Mr. CSI loves to play {even if it is an app}, so I knew […]

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Summer Watermelon Wreath

My obsession with summer and watermelon continues. First this painting………

You can find all the details Here.
Now, let me introduce the Watermelon Summer Wreath.

I took an old picture frame and painted it a Watermelon Pink color.
Of course, I had watermelon fabric laying around so all I did was tie on strips.

Easy way to give your […]

Watermelon Summer{A Painting}

I love a blank canvas.

I love the endless possibilities that it represents.
I always buy a few when I go to Michael’s and you can catch some good sales on them.
That way we always have them on hand when the inspiration strikes.
Our favorite family activity is to work on one canvas together. One person starts […]

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