Upcyled Ring Holder

If you are like me your favorite place to take off your ring is by the kitchen sink.
If your significant other is like Mr. CSI then he doesn’t get it and fears you losing that ring down the drain.
I get it. I get his concern so for some time I have been thinking of […]

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DIY Candy Jar

Recently, I needed a quick gift for  friend who loves candy and usually has a stash hidden away. She loves anything blingy so I had an idea.
This is an easy and inexpensive way to create your own candy jar.
Just get a flower pot of any size. You will need the bottom of a flower […]

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Floppy Disc Craft{What’s that?}

Remember floppy discs?

What a blast from the past!
This what I saved papers on in college and all of the articles I wrote for the school paper.
But now, these floppy discs are a thing of the past.
I dug some out and decided they would make a fun gift idea for the oldest CSI kid who […]

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Refreshing Coconut Water Smoothie

It is summer! It is hot!
You need a refreshing cool drink and a healthy one at that.
Sure, why not?

If you were stranded on a deserted island and all you had were coconuts, then you would be  ok. Not that I recommend that to anyone.
There are so many benefits to coconut water.
~it is better for […]

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Be YOU tiful Summer Sign

This time of year you attend graduations, proms and the end of school. This time of year reminds me of the last few days of school when you are scrambling to get your yearbook signed. This makes me laugh because when I look back on my high school yearbook,  I love the ones that […]

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Flip Flop Wreath DIY

Summer is here! So, why not have any guest welcomed to your home by a Flip Flop Wreath.
For us in Arizona, wearing flip flops is what we call Arizona Chic. It doesn’t get much fancier when you have sunshine all year long.
This wreath was fun, easy and inexpensive to make.
All you need is:
~ Styrofoam […]

A Frame for Dad{Father’s Day Gift Idea}

With some puzzle pieces, Scrabble game tiles and paint, this frame for dear ol’ Dad came together.

Be sure to paint the sides and I added a ribbon to embellish it some more.

I just adore Scrabble game letters. Fun and whimsical. Mr. CSI loves to play {even if it is an app}, so I knew […]

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In honor of the Red, White and Blue Heros!

Happy Memorial Day, my crafty friends!
Please, do not forget to hug, thank a Veteran or someone still serving this great nation.
This day is all about honoring them
but we also love crafts around here.
So, I went through the archives and pulled out my favorite patriotic crafts!
I hope you can visit each blog and say “hello.”
I […]

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Notice Life

I had the opportunity to relax in a beautiful place called
Palm Springs, CA.
A rental home became a little slice of heaven.
I had time to think, reflect and most importantly I noticed life.
Let me set the scene.
A pool. Sunshine. Golf Course.Breakfast and lunch pool side. Palm Trees swaying in the wind. The sound of a […]

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Summer Watermelon Wreath

My obsession with summer and watermelon continues. First this painting………

You can find all the details Here.
Now, let me introduce the Watermelon Summer Wreath.

I took an old picture frame and painted it a Watermelon Pink color.
Of course, I had watermelon fabric laying around so all I did was tie on strips.

Easy way to give your […]

Watermelon Summer{A Painting}

I love a blank canvas.

I love the endless possibilities that it represents.
I always buy a few when I go to Michael’s and you can catch some good sales on them.
That way we always have them on hand when the inspiration strikes.
Our favorite family activity is to work on one canvas together. One person starts […]

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What to Expect When you Are Not Expecting{Another Kind of Mother’s Day Message}

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and for some people that is a much dreaded day.
A no good, very bad day-if you will!
There are women who want to become mothers but can’t. There are women who became mothers but don’t want to be.
The world is funny that way. So, Mother’s Day may be […]

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