Taco Chili{Fall Favorite Recipe}

Fall is here and that means I cook some fall favorites for the CSI Family!
A favorite of ours is

This recipe is so simple.
I keep the ingredients in the pantry all fall and winter long because this is easy to throw together when you need a meal fast. Most nights fast is exactly what […]

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Skull Candy Dish

Halloween is just around the corner and that means Halloween Decor will start to come out!
The air will get cooler, the candy bought and then your door bell will ring.
Trick or Treat
Smell my feet……something like that!
Candy! Speaking of candy, I made a candy dish using a thrift store find.

I found this wall plaque at […]

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Giraffe Grins{Help us spread the grins}

I am a person that believes that we can go through hard times and come out even stronger. We can also be inspired to help others and open our hearts.
Remembering the BIG giraffe…..

I spent some time in the Children’s hospital in my home town and it certainly made me see children who spend time […]

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Candy Corn Pallet Art

One of the best things about fall, in my opinion, is CANDY CORN!!!!
I love eating them and I love crafting up my own candy corn creations.

I found this pallet sign on clearance and knew it would make a great project.
What? I had no idea but I decided to cut the ends so they were […]

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Wooden Fence Fall Sign

The weather may not be cooperating but it is everything fall around here!

A crafty friend of mine that I will introduce you to soon brought over some wooden fence posts. Since I have been decorating my porch for fall, I knew I could create a sign for it with the fence post. First, I […]

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Fall Wreath{2014 Version}

]Well, I really can’t say fall is in the air. It is still 100 degrees out here in sunny Arizona, but that doesn’t stop me from decorating for fall.

For this wreath, I had a grapevine wreath form and a grapevine swag piece. I cut up an old plaid shirt because fall and plaid go […]

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Fall Painting{Our Pumpkin Patch}

All you need is a canvas.
Let your paint brush guide you.
Mix colors to get the color that speaks to you.
I took 3 different shades of orange and a bit of brown and it was then I knew what color my pumpkins should be.

I then outlined the pumpkins with a sharpie. I love the look […]

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Hexagon Pallet Sign

I found a Pallet Sign at the Thrift Store and while I loved the sentiment, I knew that the sign was the perfect canvas for me to create my own.

I have loved the look of hexagons but hadn’t had a project with them until this sign. I used a hexagon template and simply traced […]

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DIY Cap + a Contest

Who doesn’t love a good contest?
Women’s Health Magazine and P.S. I made this has brought a fun challenge to the table.
Craft table, that is!

So, here is my submission.
From plain black cap to Button Lovers Dream.

With a glue gun and a whole bunch of buttons, I created a hat that any button lover would love […]

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Shark Kids Craft

In case you didn’t know. It is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

I feel like this has become a holiday for America. Well, might as well get in on it because as my mom would say, If everyone’s parents allowed them to jump off a bridge, would I?
I am not everyone’s parent. So no!
Well, […]

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Easy Book Page Wreath

So, your Book Club is coming over to have their monthly meeting.
If you are me, then you decide you need decor.
Book inspired decor.

This is easy to make and I didn’t make a trip to craft store. I used everything I had at home.
Yes, that means I tore up a book. That is the worst […]

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Running Group Wood Sign

I came across this in the clearance aisle at

I loved it! I needed it!
But for what???
I am in charge of a running group and we are starting a new session soon, so I am throwing a BBQ.
Enter door prize for one of the runners!

I help each person train for the first 5K and […]