Back To School Teacher Wreath

A wreath is perfect for all occasions.
I think every door needs door couture!
That means teachers!

The CSI kids don’t want to be reminded that school is starting but this baby will be on my door for our back to school dinner.
That frame is from Michaels and I love them! Many sizes and you can paint […]

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One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift

Summer may not be over but it is time to start thinking about teacher gifts.
This is a fun way to say, “I am so glad you are my teacher!”

This is a very easy idea.
I pulled out a mason jar, added cookies and a cupcake liner.
I adore cupcake liners!
They are just too cute!

Another idea would […]

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How the show Mystery Girls inspires me to Decorate and other random facts about me

Do you know who these 2 are?

Kelly and Donna from Beverly Hills 90210
Aka Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth
This is what they look like now. circa 2014

They still look great!
I loved them! I wanted to look like Kelly and be their best friend.
I wanted to live in their beach house.
My trapper keeper (whoa, remember those?) […]

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Summer Porch

Hello crafty friends!
I am still loving my beach life for a month in beautiful Hawaii
and I am loving SUMMER!

We have had adventure, fun in the sun, lots of beach time and culture. When you are here for a while you really get a good sense of the Hawaiian culture and feel like a local. […]

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Cassette Tape Centerpiece

The 80’s called and they want their cassette tapes back!

When you host 80’s movie night at your home, why not decorate for it?
We have friends that we get together with to watch 80’s movies. For one night we relive the 80’s and enjoy the cheesy movies we once loved.
We also eat dinner and dessert […]

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Vida Sencilla{The Simple Life}

Awww……….the simple life.
Vida Sencilla

There are books written on how to live the simple life.
People desire that life yet the hustle and bustle of everyday robs us of it.
We are like the hamster on the wheel and we can’t seem to unplug, disconnect from the world and all of the ways it is pulling us […]

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DIY Beach Seashell Napkin

I love the beach!!!!

I wish I lived near the beach but I get the 2nd best thing.
I get to live on the beach for a month this summer.
Last summer, we enjoyed the beautiful beaches of Destin, Florida for a month but this summer we are going back to gorgeous Hawaii.
In fact, tomorrow we will […]

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What you do isn’t silly!

Remember the days when if you had something negative to say to someone you had to do it to their face or tell someone else who spread the gossip.
The days before texting, before Instant Message and before the internet.
Maybe those were the good ole’ days but the era we live in now is great […]

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Upcyled Ring Holder

If you are like me your favorite place to take off your ring is by the kitchen sink.
If your significant other is like Mr. CSI then he doesn’t get it and fears you losing that ring down the drain.
I get it. I get his concern so for some time I have been thinking of […]

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DIY Candy Jar

Recently, I needed a quick gift for  friend who loves candy and usually has a stash hidden away. She loves anything blingy so I had an idea.
This is an easy and inexpensive way to create your own candy jar.
Just get a flower pot of any size. You will need the bottom of a flower […]

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Floppy Disc Craft{What’s that?}

Remember floppy discs?

What a blast from the past!
This what I saved papers on in college and all of the articles I wrote for the school paper.
But now, these floppy discs are a thing of the past.
I dug some out and decided they would make a fun gift idea for the oldest CSI kid who […]

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Refreshing Coconut Water Smoothie

It is summer! It is hot!
You need a refreshing cool drink and a healthy one at that.
Sure, why not?

If you were stranded on a deserted island and all you had were coconuts, then you would be  ok. Not that I recommend that to anyone.
There are so many benefits to coconut water.
~it is better for […]

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