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This was a fun and festive week! With Christmas just weeks away, it was so fun seeing all of your wreaths.  I am so honored and grateful  that you came to The CSI Project to share your projects. The creativity is amazing!   Be sure to go through the links and find some inspiration for yourself. Our guest judge, Valerie from Occasionally Crafty, had the most difficult job picking the winners. I think she did a fantastic job though! Here is what she said about her judging experience. Hi everyone!  I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to judge for the Christmas Wreath challenge.  {…Read More…}

Loofa Christmas Wreath{The CSI Girl}


Today I am sharing my new Christmas Wreath made of the unexpected Loofa. You know the ones you use in the shower. I found some green and white ones at the Dollar Store. I used  8 for this wreath. You also need: ~ Wreath form or your choice ~ Ribbon ~ Glue Gun ~ Embellishments{I used Dollar store ornaments} First, I wrapped my wreath form with ribbon. Now, start stretching out your loofas. I wanted mine to be full. Here is what a regular loofa and a stretched out one looks like. When you get ready to glue on your wreath form, {…Read More…}

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