Guest Judge….Laurie from Tip Junkie

I am super excited to introduce our guest judge for this week’s challenge, “Outdoor Decor”. We are honored to have with us, Laurie Turk, the founder of Tip Junkie, a site which has quickly become a household name! Laurie is the mother of 3 boys living in Ft. Worth, Texas.  She loves to promote creative women through their ideas and products. With that in mind, she created the wildly popular sites,

Tip Junkie & Executive Homemaker

both of which host Mom-preneur Shops to promote women in business.  She also hosts her own TJ Community for crafty chicks to collaborate.  Laurie is a co-founder of Chic Chick Media and the Visit Our Peeps widget, a revolutionary text ad system for blogs & ETSY shops.  When she’s not online or making-over a room; she’s playing board games with her boys or watching a Sci-Fi movie while snuggling her man.

Coming up on Tip Junkie:  She’s hosting Christmas in July and accepting tips and tutorials on various Christmas related topics.  It will be two weeks of fabulous giveaways and amazing inspiration.  Designed to give us a huge head start on the holidays this year.


Aside from the fact that Laurie is very talented and successful, her most important job is being a mom and her greatest success is her family. I just absolutely adore this picture of her with two of  her boys. It speaks volumes to me about the kind of mother that she is. She talks about how we should  “embellish our fabulously flawed lives and families”.

Laurie says, “Life is tough….my job is to add the glitter”.

I hope she doesn’t mind if I share a story she told in her new e-book. But it really made and impact on me. She was out Christmas shopping for her boys one year and found herself roaming down the dollhouse aisle. The “Loving Family” sets were buy one get one free. All of a sudden she had the overwhelming realization that she would never have a dollhouse because she would never have a daughter. She lost it and started bawling right there in the toy store! Suddenly she had a lightbulb moment that would forever change her perspective….we create our OWN experiences. She proceeded to buy that dollhouse and all the sets right then and there, and she giddily opened them up on Christmas morning! Have I mentioned that I love her? I have to quote Laurie on this one because she says it best……

“This experience gave me such a sense of empowerment. It made me realize that no matter what stumbling blocks I am facing in life; I can create my own experience and turn it into something fabulous.”



Laurie has just launched her new e-book, “Memories That Endure are Moments That Matter“. I had the privilege of reading it last night and I can tell you that it is awesome. If you liked Laurie before, you will LOVE and ADORE her after you read this fabulous new {free} e-book! It is definitely something you do not want to miss out on. Laurie is such an inspiration to everyday women who posess the passion and drive to create. I am amazed at all that she has accomplished. But, what really moves me, is the fact that she truly believes in what she does. She has a real love and passion for promoting women who may not have a voice otherwise. She’s the nice girl who always sticks up for “the little guy”.

Thanks to Laurie for being our guest judge this week and joining in our fun!

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