Winners of the Neighbor Gift Idea challenge

Hi and welcome back to The CSI Project!

This week we had a great challenge and I am so impressed by the creative Neighbor gift ideas.

How come I don’t live near any of you?

Our guest judge this week was Kimbo from A Girl and A Glue Gun.

She did a great job judging this week and of course was so impressed she could have picked over 20 winners.

Ms. Glue Gun herself, viewed all of your links and picked her favorites. Here are her top picks.

Her comments are in italics.

Did she pick your project?

Let’s find out who is the winner of the challenge and who made her  favorites list.

here’s my plan.
i’m going to get all these winner’s addresses…then each year, i’m going to move into their neighborhood and become friends so i can get some of these awesome neighbor gifts! MAN! you guys rocked it out!!!

my NUMBER ONE PICK…drum roll please……

serious…someone just give me a stinking drum roll..

just bang your hands on your desk or table or computer….

okay thank you.  CONGRATS to:

 #7 shindig parties

i love candy. i love kisses. i love adorable little things like this. all wrapped up in a jar. the whole things is just to die for cute! (and FREE printables)

and my top ten (boy was this hard to choose) in a completely random order…..


#28 southern lovely

this canvas is adorable! i would love to get this from my neighbors!!!!

#47 echoes of laughter

who wants cookies on a boring old plate? (okay..i do) but look how fun they are in a pringles can! PLUS YOU get to eat the pringles first! that is double whammy!

#27 the letter 4

these homemade ornaments are just adorable! i have such an obsession with ornaments!


#51 Just another hang up

SUGAR SCRUB! oh…good enough to eat! my husband loves this stuff (he’s pretty girly)
 i think i will make him some.

#41 free time frolics

how adorable is this? it’s glitter and oats that you sprinkle on your lawn so the reindeers can find your home! my kids would flip for this! (free printable!!!)
candle in a baby food jar.
you know i have baby food jars that i have been hoarding.
and my baby is almost 4.
such a great idea!


#15 gluesticks

my daughter would totally try to take a bite of looks delicious and i *almost  smell them!
this is what i like to call a win win win.
win: love this song
win: love hot chocolate
win: love free printables.

#55 coley’s corner

this is so fun! what a fun way to give a candybar! you could even buy march of the penguin or happy feet or surf’s up dvd (holy what is with all the penguin movies) and wrap it all up together!

love the smelly jelly (giggle) sorry. that title brings out my inner ten year old.
all great ideas though! start hoarding some jars for next christmas
okay. but need to go check out the rest of the links! so many great free printables, recipes (i was drooling!) and ideas! everyone did so great and i’m so excited i got to be here guest judging!!! THANKS!
Wow, isn’t she great!!!! There is so much talent in blog land and some of the funniest women that I know.



# 56 Tales from a Trophy Wife

I love this because it is simple and so inexpensive to make but at the same time so cute! I would love to put this in my house.

Congratulations to all of the CSI winners. Be sure to go grab your button here and proudly display on your blog.

You have earned it!

But wait, we have another 2 winners of the Passionately Rivalicious Giveaway.

2 winners will recieve $25 store credits.

The winner(picked by is

#12 Dukes and Duchesses, Peppermint Popcorn



#32 Home Confetti, Beaded Pie Server

Please email The CSI Project at

To claim your prize.

Thank you to Passionately Rivalicious  for providing such a great giveaway. Go by and visit that shop soon, if you haven’t already!

Also, thank you to all our guest tutorials and our guest judge, Kimbo. We loved having you here this week and please come back.

It has been a great week here at The CSI Project and we hope you come back next week for our Handmade Ornament Challenge.

I know this is something we all need help with from year to year.




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