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March 5, 2012
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March 8, 2012

Tunic Top{Twin Dragonfly Designs}


Hi everyone!  My name is Heather and my little corner of the blog-o-sphere is Twin Dragonfly Designs. I love to Inspire Creativity with projects that are often geared toward my twin, four year old boys.  And I’m Canadian eh?!  So you’re sure to get a super friendly welcome when you stop by!

Today I’m sharing my Simple Tunic Top Tutorial {say that three times fast} with you.  It’s been inspired by this pin.



Great right?!  
I have been wanting to make myself a tunic style top for a long time.  With plenty of curves, I find that tops with an empire waist are the most flattering.  But… I can never seem to find them in the stores!  This is my first, wear worthy top and I Love It!!! 
 Simple Tunic Top
 1.  First I had to figure out the measurements.  Using a measuring tape, I measured the largest part of my torso.  For me that was my bust line, which measured 50″ {I usually wear size XL on top}.  Then I added 8″ for seams and seam allowances.  Next I measured from the top of my shoulder to my hips {30″} and added 2″ for seams and seam allowances.  My materials:
58″ x 32″ piece of fashion fabric.   A light cotton blend works best.
96″ single fold bias tape
12-14″ of 1/4″ elastic
Coordinating polyester thread
I used 1/2″ seams throughout.
2.  Now I cut the material into 4 rectangular panels.  Each measuring 14.5″ x 32″.
3.  Next I sewed two of the panels together, creating a shoulder seam and repeated with the other two panels.  I also folded over the edges, ironed  and sewed them to help prevent fraying.
4.  I cut the bias tape into 4, 24″ pieces and sewed one onto each side of the two long panels.  With 12″ on either side on the shoulder seam.
 5.  Here I have completed sewing on the bias tape.  6.  Now I sewed the two long panels together, creating a front and back to the shirt.  I started sewing where the bias tape met and right down to the hem on the front and back.  7.  Here my front and back panels are sewn together.  8.  Now I sewed the sides of the shirt together.  Again starting from the bias tape and down to the hem.
 9 / 9.  Next I measured how much elastic I needed by stretching it tight under my bust line.  When the elastic retracted it was 13″ long.  Using a zig zag stitch and keeping the elastic stretched out, I sewed it to the shirt, below my bust line.  Photographs show the front and back of this step.  10.  Finally I folded, ironed and hemmed the bottom of the shirt.
 The perfect shirt for a curvy girl!
I paired it with my DIY Tree of Life Necklace… I might just have some fashion sense after all! LOL
I plan on making many more of these ~ they’re the perfect addition to my closet for spring/summer.
If you make one, would you let me know?!?!  I would love to see it!
Thanks for having me visit guys!!!  
I hope that you’ll stop by Twin Dragonfly Designs to say hi sometime!
Have an awesome day.

xo Heather
~ Thanks Heather. You have some great sewing skills and I am so happy you shared them with us. You are always welcomed to stop by.
The link party goes live tonight! Be there!


  1. jenni says:


    I followed this tutorial and blogged about it at http://www.daydreamsandsunshine.blogspot.com so of course gave you a shout out!

    I used a heavy fabric so think I will change the sleeves a bit as otherwise they stand up a bit too much but I love it – thanks!

  2. Trina says:

    Love! Love! Love! I have the same problem you do (and apparently the same measurements). I love these tops but the closest I could find was what I wear to work (scrubs), yeah, not happening! This is the perfect solution! Thank you!

  3. Cathy says:

    I saw this on pinterest and just had to read more… thanks for the great tips and instructions… just might need to make myself one of these too!

  4. Heather, your top turned out beautifully! Love the colors and the chic tunic cut!


  5. Still trying to get over my fear of my sewing machine. This looks like a super simple project to 1, get over the fear and 2, come out with some great pieces for the summer.

    Gulp. I’ve pinned it. You know, for when I have time to think about conquering that fear (smile).

  6. Bethany says:

    Hmmm…I’m not a seamstress by any means, but I think I might could make this! I love longer tunic tops to go with skinny jeans, so I just may have to try this. Great job! 🙂

  7. Shannon says:

    I have some beautiful black and dark blue pansy fabric that I have been saving for a while (years now) and I think that I will give this a go. Thanks so much, found you on Pinterest.

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