Sponsor of the Week: Hot Glue Gun Helpers


I’m so pleased to announce a new product that many of you (all of you!) will be interested in – Hot Glue Gun Helpers by Cathie and Steve!  If you have ever used a hot glue gun, then you may have gotten burned.  You may have ruined a work surface.  You may have flung a sequin across the room trying to get it into the hot glue without losing a finger.  With Hot Glue Gun Helpers, those problems are gone forever. 

I have one and actually busted it out last week.  It is so nice to be able to get up and close with your project without the fear of a glue gun burn. 

Hot Glue Gun Helpers are currently available for sale right here.  HGGH purchaseThey are $19.95 for a set.  It is a wise investment to save that skin, Believe me, I have scars. Go buy one today!

We will be giving one 7-piece set to one lucky CSI participant this week.  So get those white projects posted tomorrow at 9 a.m. EST.



  1. LOVE it! I’ve somehow figured out how NOT to burn myself for a long time, but this is still a fantastic creation! I’m totally buying one b/c I know my luck will be up soon πŸ˜‰

  2. How do you win? I am definitely going to have to buy this! Probably a set for my best friend’s mom too. I was just telling my dad about this the other day!

  3. That is cool. I love the little figer helpers…This will save me many nights of running cold water on my finger tips.. great idea.. thanks


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