About the CSI Girl

Hi, my name is Dee and I am the CSI crafty girl!

I am a diet coke with lime drinkin’, modge podge lovin’, anything that glitters and sparkles makes me happy, party throwin’,

church goin’, pj lovin’ crafty girl!

Did I mention spray paintin’ crafty girl’?

My favorite color is glitter and I am obsessed with leopard print!

CSI stands for Create, Share and Inspire.


I try to live my life like the mission of this blog, to Create. Share and Inspire and I would invite you to do the same. Never be afraid to share your creativity and to live out your dreams whatever they may be. That is what The CSI Project is all about, so I hope to encourage you on your own crafting journey.

We have many ways to get involved. My dream is that The CSI Project will become more of a crafting, interactive community and not just a blog, so get involved.

Want to do a guest post?

Just email me!!!!

 Or get involved in Griaffe Grins, The CSI Project charity, go here for more information.


We are spreading grins to Children’s Hospitals, giraffe grins that is!

Come join us every week as we throw a craft challenge at you!

If you love to create and share, then you are sure to inspire!