Remembering the BIG giraffe…..


I am a believer that when we face challenges in our lives that those are the things that shape us and make us who we are. I believe we all can be the change in the world we want to see. I believe we all have the potential to be more compassionate, kinder and to bring grins to those who need them the most, Giraffe Grins, that is!

I spent some time in the Children’s hospital in my home town and it certainly made me see children who spend time in the hospital in a different light.

I remember my time in the hospital and I especially remember the BIG painted giraffe on the wall. I would stare that thing all day. In an all white room it brought color into me and my family’s hard days.

Just as a friend of mine said the other day about her own son being in the hospital, “It’s the little things that mean so much.”

I remember the huge teddy bear my uncle gave me and the pajamas my aunt brought me.

I remember spending the day with mom when we learned I would go into the hospital.

She bought me some books which I loved since I was a bookworm.

I remember her face when the dr. said I was going to be admitted.

She was strong as rock, but I honestly don’t know how she stayed so strong.

I remember how she wouldn’t even leave the hospital, not even for a day even though everyone told her to.

But I know she did it all for me.

Moms are amazing like that!

I remember too, the kid across the hall for me because he had such a terrible cough and I was so worried about him.

I left the hospital eventually, but I have always wondered what happened to him.

SO, that trial has shaped who I am and my desire, my mission is to bring COLOR to kids hospital rooms

That is why I make bright, colorful and fun pillowcases for kids in the hospital.

That is the dream behind  this charity, Giraffe Grins.

fabric    Sewing for a smile

How YOU can be involved with Giraffe Grins?

~ You can make your own pillowcases and mail to me so I can deliver to my local Children’s hospital

~ You can send me kid inspired fabric and I will sew them and deliver them to my local Children’s hsopital

~ You can be a Giraffe Grins Affiliate

* You can do this as an individual or as a group. I have had women’s groups and mom’s groups who get together, collect fabric, sew and deliver them.

* As an affiliate, you can sew and deliver to your local Children’s hospital in the name of Griaffe Grins. Please, spread the word and you can send people here for more information. My dream is to see Giraffe Grins making a difference throughout the country.

* If you want to be an affiliate, please email me at Put in the subject line- Griaffe Grins. As you become an affiliate, I will put your picture and what state you are from and other info like your blog, how to contact you etc, on this page. I would love to have affiliates from all states to represent on here. That way people can reach out to the person in their state to send pillowcases to or fabric. Please, also state if you are willing to sew pillowcases if people send you fabric. I will also put that info in your affiliate profile.

fabric    Sewing for a smile

 These images are from a recent sewing day with my friends that came over to help me.

fabric    Sewing for a smile

Thank you for your interest and support of Giraffe Grins. I know these pillowcases make a difference to children and their families as they go through a hard trial in their lives.

I can honestly say that, knowing that the BIG colorful giraffe made my hospital stay better.

I believe in the principles that this blog was inspired by and I believe that we can live our lives with the same motto to

Create, Share and Inspire.

I would even add to serve one another to that and YOU can serve those around you or even brighten a child’s hospital room from far away.

You can do this by partnering with, The CSI Project and Giraffe Grins.

Please, email me at to get the address to ship your fabric or finished pillowcases.

Our wish list:

~ Tags to go inside the pillow cases that say “Giraffe Grins”

~ Kid friendly fabric doantions

Giraffe Grins Affiliates

Feel free to contact any of our affiliates to send fabric donations to, or to ship your pillowcases to. I am so blessed to have these women who are willing to support the Giraffe Grins mission to brighten and bring smiles to children in hospitals. The goal is to have a Giraffe Grins affiliate in every state and across the world!

Name: Michelle McCarthy Manteiga Website: email: The first time I read about Giraffe Grins I was so touched by Dee’s kindness and knew I wanted to get involved in this wonderful charity. God has blessed my husband and I with three beautiful, healthy children, whom we are so incredibly grateful for. Being an affiliate of Giraffe Grins, is one small way I feel I can give back, add a little color to a sick child’s day and hopefully make their stay at the hospital a little brighter. Will you accept fabric donations: Yes

What hospital will you be donating to: Boston Children’s Hospital

Name: Trina Mitchell blog/website: Blog Facebook: I love to craft and sew. I’ve always wanted to find a way to donate my love of crafting in some way. Giraffe Grins gives me a way to help a sick child have a brighter day. Are you willing to accept fabric donations: Yes! What hospital will your be donating to: Upstate Golisano Childrens’ Hospital in Syracuse, NY


Name: Tammi Law Email: I have two daughters of my own and one thing I have learned is that nothing is more heartbreaking than when your child is sick and there is nothing you can do. Although we cannot heal these children, we can make their day a little brighter by giving them a beautiful bright pillowcase that they can lay their heads upon. I remember vividly when my daughter was in the hospital and I was amazed by how much the small and simple things that people did cheered her up. It’s the little things in life that can bring us the most happiness! Are you willing to accept fabric donations: YES! Children’s hospital you are delivering to: Texas Children’s Hospital and Children’s Memorial Hermann in Houston

Name: Megan Bray blog/website: Balancing Home ( When my son was in the NICU he received a quilt and I was so touched by this generous action. Also, my cousin’s son was diagnosed with Leukemia (he is in remission now, woohoo!) and I know how much time they spent in the hospital and away from home. I am glad to use the small platform I have to reach and help these children and their families. Lets show them what we are made of Wisconsin! Are you willing to accept fabric donations: Yes! Children’s hospital you are delivering to: Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (Wauwatosa, WI)


Name: Amanda Wick Cunningham blog/website: Blog Facebook:  I love to sew and I love children. Not having any children of my own, I would love to spoil those children who could use some sunshine.  Are you willing to accept fabric donations: Of course! Children’s hospital you are delivering to: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

Name: Nikki Wright blog/website: Blog Facebook: Are you willing to accept fabric donations: Yes What hospital will your be donating to: Boston Children’s Hospital



Name: Elizabeth Ford blog/website: I have wanted to do some sort of charity project, using my love for all things crafty, for a while now. When I came across the Giraffe Grins Charity page I was inspired and decided, this is it! This would be something simple and

meaningful that I could do. I am so excited to be an affiliate and look forward to bringing a little cheer to hospitalized children here in Georgia.   Are you willing to accept fabric donations: Yes, please!

Children’s hospital you are delivering to: The Children’s Hospital- Macon, Georgia.



Why: To give back to our community

Hospital: We haven’t confirmed which hospital we are going to donate to since there are a couple in the area

FCCLA is a co-curricular organization that is taught in Family and Consumer Sciences (Home Economics) classrooms. These 7th and 8th graders would love to sew fun colored pillowcases, especially if they knew it was going to a great cause.



Giraffe Grinsis dedicated to a sweet baby who returned to his Heavenly Father after living 506 days and was blessing to all who knew him and to his sweet family. This sweet baby spent his last days in the Children’s hospital and inspires me to continue my mission to color the hospital rooms of those who are sick and fearing the unknown, just like I felt during my time in the hospital so many years ago.

Baby Chase, we love you and your memory will always inspire us!

This is a picture from a garage sale to help raise money for Baby Chase’s family to help with hospital and funeral costs.

Notice the Giraffe. He makes me grin!


“I just want to thank you for doing this project. My daughter who will turn 3 in a few days has leukemia. She has a great prognosis, but the treatment process is very long (2.5 years, longer for boys). Even without any compications it is a tough journey. You are right, even something small, like a pillow case can have a big impact. My daughter had 6 scheduled hospitalizations, each time we stay for two nights. During her first hospitalization someone donated a number pillowcases and all of the kids on her floor were able to pick one. Jenna picked a hot pink polka dotted one. It brightened my day to think that someone took the time to make it and she loved that she had a special pillow case. Thanks again, you are making a difference!” ~Julie from Missouri “We’ve recieved a few of these pillowcases. I remember Spencer getting one after his hip surgery last year. He was in a cast that went from his ankles to his belly button and the lower half of his body had to remain immoble for 5 weeks. Spencer didn’t understand that this wasn’t permanant so he was nery upset and sometimes panicky the first few days. He was given a bright colored pillowcase from one of the nurses and what was funny was that he did not want it on his pillow. He just wanted to hold it. He held that pillowcase the entire time we were in the hospital and after coming home. If I took it away for some reason, he’d get upset and we’d have to give it back. It really is the small things that help. I love that you do this.” ~ Kaylee from Arizona