Next Week: ‘Hardware Store’ Challenge

Thanks for the amazing response to our first challenge: Paint!

Your projects just blew us away!

While Sarah is going through the entries we would like to introduce next week’s theme: Hardware Store!

We are excited to see your Hardware Store projects!

We ask that some element in your project be something that is found at a hardware Store.

For example:



cabinet hardware




remodeling projects

some furniture redos

jewelry made out of washers

gardening projects, etc.

Go crazy — let’s see your creativity!

And to give you an idea, here is a Hardware Store wreath — made out of heating ductwork.

Here’s the tutorial:

Start with 4 elbows of heating ductwork

Mesh wire

Heavy duty Thumbtacks


Chipboard circles or scrapbook paper circles


Connect the four elbows together to make a wreath shape. They fit very nicely together and don’t even need to be glued. Now cut some different sized circles out of the mesh wire. I used wire cutters — but heavy duty scissors would work also. I cut out 4 different sized circles from 1 inch to 3 inches.

Cut out some circles from your fabric. I cut out two different sizes — 2 inches and 3 inches. Now cut some strips of fabric — 2 inches wide by about 8 inches long. Sew these strips into ruffles. If you don’t sew, you can hot glue these onto the flower later.

Take the chipboard circles, turn one over and put a circle of hot glue around the outside. Then attach the ruffle in a circle. Trim to the correct size. You can add a mesh circle in front of the ruffle or behind the ruffle. On some of the flowers I attached two mesh circles and on some only one. Make each flower different. On some of the flowers I attach a fabric circle behind the chipboard circle and then the ruffle behind. Put the thumbtack through the entire flower. Use pliers to bend the sharp side down in the back. Make as many flowers as you like, when you are done set them aside.

Cut a strip of 3 inch wide metal mesh and approximately4 feet long. Wrap the mesh around the metal wreath, hot glue it to the wreath at the back.

Now attach your flowers. You can attach them to the entire wreath, or just to one side like I did. Intersperse the smaller and bigger flowers throughout. Once you have it arranged, hot glue the flowers onto the wreath.

Take a length of ribbon about 3 feet in length. Attach a smaller ribbon on top with hot glue. Then wrap the ribbon through the wreath and hot glue the ends together — forming a circle. Hang up your wreath: approximate time spent: 1 hour.

We are excited to see your Hardware Store projects – we will announce the hardware Store Challenge judge and prize on Monday!

Come by tomorrow and see Sarah’s favorites for The CSI Paint Challenge and the winners of The Rusted Chain gift certificates!

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