Next Week’s Challenge : Dollar Store

Thanks to everyone who linked up for the Martha Stewart inspired challenge this week! It was so fun looking through all your fabulous projects.

While our judges from Martha’s Crafts Department are going through all the links, we’d like to introduce next week’s theme :

“Dollar Store”

To get those creative juices flowing, I thought I’d share a fun dollar store project I came up with……

Zipper Flower Embellishments

Zippers are hot lately…..I ‘ve seen them everywhere….embellishing shoes, clothing, even jewelry. So, when I spotted some metal zippers at one of our local dollar stores, I quickly grabbed them up! I had the perfect project in mind.

I used a cheapo dollar store cuff bracelet and wrapped it with some sassy ribbon I had. It’s a stretchy, lacey, ruffley trim that I thought would be the perfect girly compliment to my edgy zipper flowers. To make the flowers, first you need to unzip the zipper and then cut it right above the zipper pull. This will give you two strips of zipper. Then I simply started wrapping it in a circle, dabbing hot glue as I went to hold it all in place. When you’re done wrapping, you can then attach a circle of felt to the back of the flower. And hot glue that on top of your ribbon wrapped bracelet.

When I finished the bracelet, I wanted more. So, I decided to embellish my favorite pair of peeptoe pumps.  Instead of using hot glue this time, I decided to use sticky velcro strips. Then I can take them off and on when I want a change or I can embellish a different pair of shoes.

My 11 year old son took these pictures of my feet and I think he did a fine job. He might be my new blog photographer. You know you’ve fully indoctrinated your family into the wonderful world of blogging when you ask your pre-teen son to take pictures of your feet and hands and he doesn’t bat an eye! No laughing or eye rolling or even mocking….he just said, “Okay Mom”. Then he quickly decided he was 11 again and took this funny zipper face pic.

We are super excited to see how creative you crafty gals can be with dollar store treasures next week! You’ve got all weekend to work on your projects. Don’t forget to come back on Tuesday and link them up!

Check back tomorrow morning when we announce the top picks from Martha Stewart’s Crafts Department and the giveaway winner!!!

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