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June 15, 2010
The Dollar Store Challenge Winners!
June 18, 2010

Next Week’s Challenge….Frames, Art, and Wall Decor

Wow…the links from this week’s challenge are blowing us away. Thanks to everyone who shared their dollar store projects with us by linking up. Heather is fast at work visiting all the great projects and mulling over, what is sure to be, a nail biting decision!


While we’re waiting, I’d like to introduce next week’s challenge…..”Frames, Art, and Wall Decor”. I am lovin’ this one already. I have an obscenely large collection of frames. I adore them because they are so versatile. I love to make my own art on the cheap. And as for wall decor….the skies the limit. You can have a lot of fun and really think outside the box. This is a great way to add a bit of your own unique personality into your decor. Your home should truly be a reflection of the people who live there, right? Here are some fun ideas I pulled from my own home.

Fun With Frames

Make your Own Art


Think Outside the Box Wall Decor







Get those projects ready to link up for next week’s challenge. We really enjoy looking through all the links each week. You all continue to amaze and inspire us with your creativity and ingenuity! Keep up the good work. And don’t forget to check back Friday morning when we will announce the winners of the “Dollar Store” challenge and the Shey B gift certificates!!!

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  1. wall decorations can really improve the inside ambiance of any home~~`

  2. we like wall decorations made of stuff toys and plastic trees,:;

  3. outdoor decors can really help your home looks better, that is why we always buy them in the bulk;;’

  4. outdoor decors can really help your home looks better, that is why we always buy them in the bulk;”-

  5. Allison Hill says:

    my mother loves to buy those mexican wall decors on bargain shops, they are cool too*'”

  6. i make our own outdoor decors at home and we use those abaca fibers,:’

  7. Caleb Green says:

    our wall decors are always colored white, coz white is our favorite color and it looks good too`-~

  8. Edward Young says:

    I have outdoor decors at home that are made of organic materials.,”`

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