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June 22, 2010
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June 25, 2010

Next Week’s Challenge…”Red, White, and Blue”


Thank you to everyone who linked up their projects this week. WOW…..y’all are really blowing us away with your creativity and imagination. Kari is hard at work looking through all the links and picking her favorites. While we wait, I’d like to introduce next week’s theme……”Red, White, and Blue”! Today I want to share with you a simple tutorial on how to make your very own adorable felt hair clips. I chose to go patriotic and whip some up for my girls to wear for the 4th of July.

I started by cutting out two different sized star shapes with my cricut. I used these as templates to trace and cut the stars out of felt. I simply pinned each cardstock star onto the felt sheet and cut around it. I then pinned those two together and stiched around the edges of the smaller star with a wide thread.



Now you’re going to need one more large star to finish it off. This one will go on the backside.Be sure to pin all three layers together so they won’t slide around. Now stitch around the outer edges of the large star. When you’re done, you’ll need to cut a small slit in the back to slide your clip in. Be careful to ONLY cut the back star….not all the way through to the front!



Now dress your daughter up, clip it into her super fine hair, and take some cute pics!

{She’s so tiny it looks like a giant sheriff’s badge on her head}



You could use just about any shape to make these cute hair clips…..flowers, cupcakes, fish, ladybugs, sunshine, cloud, watermelon, hearts, fleur de lis. The skies the limit….go hog wild!



Be sure to come back next Tuesday and link up your projects for our “Red, White, and Blue” challenge. The link goes up Tueday at 9am EST and closes on Thursday at noon EST. Hope to see you all there!


The winners of this week’s challenge will be posted Friday morning, along with the winner of the $40 gift certificate to Wonderfully Wordy!



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  2. Hi Amanda-
    Cute barette, but cuter daughter, especially that center shot…xo

  3. jenjen says:

    Those are darling Amanda! so so cute. I can’t wait to see all of the red white and blue projects!


  4. I love the clips!
    I am so excited for this challenge! I am in love with this time of year because I get to decorate with all my patriotic stuff! Can’t wait to see some amazing projects and make some of my own!

  5. Thanks for sharing.

    I have a couple projects in mind for this challenge!

  6. :corinne: says:

    cute hair clip idea. thanks for sharing.

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