Winners of the Pottery Barn-inspired Challenge!
August 27, 2010
Sponsor of the Week: Plaid Enterprises
August 30, 2010

Guest Judge…Amy from Mod Podge Rocks!!!


Our guest judge this week is Amy, the creative genius behind the popular blog, Mod Podge Rocks. I am a huge fan of mod podge myself and I concur… does ROCK! Amy decided to start her blog after having to search all over the place for decopauge inspiration. She said to herself, “what if these wonderful ideas and inspiration could all be in one place?” From that small idea, she made it happen and “Mod Podge Rocks” was born! When asked what makes her the expert and authority on mod podge, her response is this……..

“My favorite thing about this blog is that I get to bring lots of ideas and inspiration together in one place – making everyone who is featured here the authority!”

That statement right there is why we all love Amy so much. And the fact that she creates beautiful and amazing things with mod podge and shares the how to on every single one!

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Who knew that you could actually use mod podge to screen print your own designs??? Seriously, isn’t that the best thing ever? Imagine the endless possibilities! Be sure and visit Amy at Mod Podge Rocks for daily inspiration on all things creative and mod podgy!


Now go and get those projects ready to submit on Tuesday for this week’s challenge…..

“Mod Podge”

As always, we are eagerly anticipating all the wonderfully creative ideas you guys seem to come up with each week! You never cease to amaze us and we seriously look forward to this challenge every single week!


  1. Jan says:

    Amy and Mod Podge — You simply cannot have one without the other!

  2. Leanne says:

    I guess we all guessed Amy would be the judge. I love her and I love mod podge. What would we ever do without it. Thanks for this super fun challenge.

  3. Kara says:

    i {heart} mod podge! And Amy is so awesome! Very excited for the challenge!!!


  4. I knew that Amy had to be to judge… It had to be her for the Mod Podge theme! I am excited to link up!

  5. I am so excited that Amy is the guest judge this week. I love her blog and I can’t think of anyone better qualified to judge this week’s Mod Podge challenge! I can’t wait to see all of the incredible mod podge creations!!


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