Next Week’s Challenge…”2010 Color of the Year: Turquoise”

Ahhhhhhh… absolute favorite color in the entire world! I’ve long been a fan of this vibrant shade of blueish green. I have accents of this gorgeous hue throughout my home and a whole room painted the most beautiful soft shade of aqua…..I never tire of it!  It pairs nicely with neutral shades such as white, grey, black, beige, and brown yet also looks stunning paired with red, yellow, orange,  lime green, and pink. Who knew turquoise could be considered a neutral???

House of Turquoise


House of Turquoise


2009 Texas Idea House via Southern Living


Eric Ross via House of Turquoise


Decor Pad


Isabella and Max Rooms


Amoroso Design


Gianetti Architecture and Interiors


This fabulous color has definitely taken hold in the design world and can be seen in abundance around blogland as well! Even mainstream brands of accesories, electronics, and fashion have taken the plunge into this trendy yet chic frenzy. Turquoise is bold and fun and full of life and personality! Whether you like it in big bold doses of in your face color, or you’re more of a neutral gal who likes small pops of this fantastic color as an accent……next week’s challenge is for YOU! Get those crazy creative brains of yours working and show us what you got! The “Color of the Year” challenge will open next Tuesday at 9am EST and be up until Thursday at noon.


Don’t forget to check back  Friday when we will announce the winners of the “Party Ideas” challenge and the winner of the custom Family Tree print from Live Fancy!!!

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