Our Inspiring Guest Judge…Melissa from The Inspired Room

“When life inspires our home, our home will inspire our life.”
Melissa Michaels

Melissa is the genius woman behind the scenes at The Inspired Room. She is also a design consultant, a writer for several online magazines,  mother of 3, and a  pastor’s wife helping to start a new church. She obviously has lots of  free time (HA)!  Since starting her blog two and half years ago, her mission has always been the same….to inspire women to create an authentic home they LOVE and for their home to inspire their life. That is what The Inspired Room is all about!

Melissa is really passionate about what she refers to as “authenic living”. I love her vision and her philosophy…….


“Authentic Living is living a life that really works. It is focusing on things that are appropriate for me and the season in my life.  It is about letting go of pressure to live out a life that isn’t really “me.” And this includes creating a home that may not look like the cover of a magazine, or just like my neighbors’ home, but one that nurtures my family and reflects more on WHO I AM than WHAT I HAVE.

Our homes should be first and foremost a blessing to our family and to others. “The Inspired Room” is one that is a true authentic reflection of the people who live in it and it will nurture and inspire your life every day.

I enjoy finding joy in living my own life and reflecting that joy in my surroundings.”


Be sure to stop by and say hi to Melissa and be prepared to get  inspired at The Inspired Room!


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