Molding Vase – Tutorial by Christine & Co.

Hello, CSI Project Readers, hello!  This is Christine, from Christine & Co.  I am feeling pretty "big time" that these talented ladies have invited me to share a project with you.  As a crafting blogger, I would have to describe myself as equally obsessed with recycling materials and exciting new embellishments.  I think that this vase showcases both of my favorites.

I don’t know about you, but I could swim in that color blue!  Let me show you how this started out.

This is the inside cylinder for some industrial vinyl or some other material that I found at a local recycle shop. To make it into a container,  I traced one end onto sturdy cardboard to make a bottom.

I used to Gorilla Glue to attach it, which is daring for me.  Gorilla Glue and I don’t typically get along, so I carefully followed the directions and used it sparingly.  It worked out perfectly, and I’m glad to report that Gorilla Glue and I have reached a friendly understanding!

I trimmed my scrapbook paper so that the edges would extend outside the cylinder.  I carefully applied Hard Coat Mod Podge a little at a time, and smoothed the paper around the cylinder. 

I cut the ends into a fringe, applied more Mod Podge, and secured the flaps neatly.

I punched out a two inch circle and covered the bottom, so that it was neat. For the top, I neatly Mod Podged the fringed pieces inside. During the drying time, I measured and cut my molding.

I sanded the pieces and mixed my paint.  This part was not at all scientific.  I squeezed a couple of different blue paints into my bowl, added a dollop of black, and nailed the color on the first stir. Don’t you just love when that happens?
After they were painted, I dry brushed them with a bit of black acrylic paint.  Then I used Rub and Buff in silver leaf for some detail.  I had some left on my paper towel,  and rubbed some over the scrapbook paper focusing on the top and bottom of my vase. I used quick dry tacky glue to secure the trim pieces onto the vase and let it dry.
Thanks so much to The CSI Project ladies,  for inviting me to guest post here today!  It’s fun to use materials in unexpected ways, and I’m looking forward to seeing your projects. Come on over and visit me at Christine & Co. anytime… I  love the company!

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