Guest Post – Ruffled Table Runner {green challenge}

Hi! super excited to be here today! I love love the csi project! I
don’t particularly love st. patty’s (probably cause you don’t get any
presents!)…but I LOATHE being pinched…so I play along..
and today I’m making a festive table runner…


and guess what?
no sewing!
It’s 100% glue gun.
(for the record..I own a sewing machine..just find that sometimes it’s
easier to hot glue!)

I got a yard of burlap…cut it in half…hot glued one of the edges
and then measured my table to see where I needed to trim off the
excess. (so it was about 65 inches by 15 inches)

Then I took some green fabric and made some binding just like I did
for my levi
. (you can go HERE
to see how)
Then I hot glued it along the edges of the burlap
hot glue hot glue..more hot glue
all done.
Then I took my freaking awesome ruffle fabric…the secret
behind making it look so cute…without really doing anything…but go
ahead..tell people you sewed all these ruffles. They will be
cut a rectangle…and hot glued it to the ends of each side of the burlap.
I actually tucked it underneath the binding…so maybe you should have
done the ruffle fabric
first….but that required some actual planning…something I don’t
put it across my table.
decided it need a centerpiece.
do you like this cute glitterfied shamrock?
had no intention of doing this…but I came upstairs to my daughters
room and found……
two tubes of green glitter…
kameron. did you touch mommy’s stuff?
So I did a quick cutting out of a shamrock shape.
painted them
and covered them with glue.
Then I took them upstairs, laid them on the floor…and shook out the
rug and bedspread on them.
a mom has got to do what a mom has got to do.
I cut out a few other shamrocks…and hot glued them to sticks.
much better!
and that’s all!
really easy…and I’m sure I will still be covered in green sparkles
on st. no pinchy pinchy for me!!!
thanks for having me…
come visit me at my blog between the hours of 10-2
A girl and a glue gun

Kim..thanks so much for the awesome tutorial! That table runner could not be any cuter and I am LOVING that ruffled fabric!

Be sure and stop by A Girl and a Glue Gun for lots more inspiration and great projects!

Ladies, don’t forget to get those “Green/ St. Patty’s Day” projects ready to go for Thursday! We’re excited to see you strut your stuff!

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