Wallpapered Canvas Tutorial

Almost every room in our house has been painted at least once except our master bedroom. It was not the soothing and calming room that I REALLY wanted. So I started with painting our bedroom with low-VOC paint I had scored on sale a few months ago. Our bedroom went from builder’s white to a deep slate blue. It has been an amazing transformation as far as how much better we feel in our bedroom. After the paint was dry and the bed was made, the room was lacking any kind of art or accessories. I found a post on a blog that showed using fabric to cover standard artist canvas. I truly wish I could remember where the post was because I immediately feel in love with the configuration as well as how simple it really was to create. I believe that the configuration that I am using is the same as the one I had previously seen. So if anyone has seen this particular post, please let me know so that I can give credit.

I started with a free remnant of wallpaper. It was a large size so I was able to cover a large area which is exactly what I needed. After visiting Michael’s with my 60% off coupon, I picked up all the canvases needed as well as some gold paint.

I started with painting all the sides of the canvases due to not wrapping the wallpaper around the sides. It gives the appearance of the wallpaper floating on the wall.

After the paint was dry, I flipped the remnant on the backside to layout my configuration.

I traced around each canvas to make sure the wallpaper would fit and began cutting and cutting and cutting. From here, I used Modge Podge glossy to adhere the wallpaper to the canvases. I failed to take a picture of this process. If you haven’t used Modge Podge, I would recommend trying it out. I’ve only used it a few times, but each time the results have been good. After everything dried, I was finally able to hang up my new artwork. So my newly painted wall went from this:

To this:

Overall I am pretty happy with the outcome. The cost was far, far less than purchasing art for this wall. One thing I did learn in this process was to layout the wallpaper that had been rolled up for about a year before trying to adhere it to canvas. It delayed the process for a few days. I ended up using painter’s tape to hold the edges down before my final coat of Modge Podge.

Now I can move on to accessories to finish out the bedroom makeover and maybe a dresser, too.

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