Garage Sale Chair makeover–{Funkytime}

Hi, my name is Sibylle and my blog is called Funkytime. I am a graphic designer/ stylist/ German girl with a passion for Photography, DIY Stuff, decorating, flea markets & pretty vintage things . I am also married to Thomas and we have two kids, Louisa and Noah. We’ve been traveling quite a bit, from Germany to Los Angeles to Canada… our next destination will hopefully be Australia. While my hubby works in Video Games, I am blogging about DIY stuff, flea market finds and food for the soul along our way. I also design free printables, my way to give back to my awesome readers!

Today I show you my latest garage sale find, 4 dining chairs for $40. They were not pretty, and Mr.T. was very skeptical about the the whole thing! But I showed him yet again, that you can turn junk into jewels;-)

You will need: – Staple Gun – Screwdriver – Primer – Indoor/Outdoor Latex paint – Fabric   Upholster the seat cushion: 1. Unscrew the cushion. 2. Cut fabric around cushion (add about 2 inch). I used 2 fabrics, the white fabric blocks the old pattern, that kind of showed through the striped fabric. 3. Staple fabric to the bottom of your cushion. *Always start to staple on one side and then staple the opposite site, to make sure, you won’t have wrinkles.*   Paint the chair: 1. The chair had this dark green color, so I decided to prime it first. 2. 2 layers of white paint. 3. Let dry for a couple of hours.

Now you can screw the cushion back on the chair and you are finished. Well, I have still 3 more to go and this is what I will be doing for the rest of the day! Thanks for having me today!

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