Epic Coffee Crisp Cake–{Twin Dragonfly Designs}

Like Coffee Crisp?  Then you’ll love this cake!
Hey guys! It’s Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs where I share fun crafts, fab recipes and day-to-day life with my twin, three year old boys!
I apologize in advance for any diet breaking, pants unbuttoning or coffee crisp cake addicting this post may cause.
Uh… you have a little drool.
Over a bit.  Yeah.  Right there.
Four ingredients.  That’s it!
1 Box of White Cake Mix {prepared}
1 Litre of Whipping Cream
4 Coffee Crisp Bars
3/4 Cup of White Sugar
Bake your cake in two 8″ rounds and allowed them to cool.
{Epic tip ~ substitute chocolate milk for water when preparing your cake mix.  Genius!}
Cut your rounds in half.
Pour whipping cream into a mixer.  Add sugar and whip until stiff.
{do not over whip ~ we’re not making butter today!}

Take out your frustrations on the 4 Coffee Crisp bars and crush them into bits.
{reserve 1/8 cup for topping}
Fold the crushed Coffee Crisp into your whipping cream.
Place one cake slice on your plate.
Layer your cake with the whipping cream mixture.
Keep layering then coat the whole cake with whipping cream and Coffee Crisp topping.
Please come by and say hi sometime!
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