Guest Judge: Amy Bell

Our guest judge for the Red, White, or Blue Challenge hails from the blog Positively Splendid. Please join us in giving a warm CSI Project welcome to the very lovely Amy Bell.

If you’ve visited Amy at Positively Splendid before, then you know exactly why we wanted her to visit us at The CSI Project.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know Amy via Positively Splendid, then we are thrilled to have the honor of introducing you to one of our favorite bloggers.

Amy is married with three (soon to be four) children.

She claims that, “Having three children in stair-step fashion has prompted me to develop a true passion for just about all things domestic: cooking, sewing, scrapbooking, home decorating and more.”  Amy has talent to match that passion, and we are so glad that she’s willing to share her talent with her readers!  Amy has some of the most concise, easy-to-follow tutorials on the world wide web.  And the variety of crafts that she comes up with is absolutely astounding.

Whimsical nursery wall hangings

Lined canvas bins (from diaper boxes!)

Interchangeable flip-flop tee

Amy has plenty of red-white-and-blue inspiration on the pages of her blog.  Take a look at some of these projects with a patriotic hue:

Coke can napkin rings

Framed silhouette vignette

All-American tote

Tiered terra cotta planters

Not only does Amy have a wide range of creative homemaking projects to display and demonstrate over at Positively Splendid, she’s also created a warm and welcoming community for the readers of her blog.

Amy hosts a weekly spotlight every Saturday–known as the Saturday Seven–where she features her favorite projects from blogland.

Recently, Amy shared a Summer Survival Guide with her readers, featuring her own great ideas and inspiration from guest bloggers.  It’s a terrific read, if you are looking for more ways to enjoy the summer months.

We love the philosophy behind Amy’s blog.  Here’s what she says about the creation of Positively Splendid:

“This blog is a chronicle not only of our family goings-on, but also of my quest to create an inviting environment in which our love for one another can grow and flourish. There is so much joy to be found in life’s simple pleasures, and we hope when you come here, you are inspired to discover for yourself how extraordinary a seemingly ordinary life can be when you determine yourself to savor every moment!”

We’re so glad to have Amy here at The CSI Project.  She’s no stranger to our challenges–she’s been picked as a favorite more than once!  We know she’ll have a blast viewing your entries into this week’s challenge:

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