Guest Judge: Cassity from Remodelaholic

This week at The CSI Project, we’re focusing on what many of you would consider a major project: Kitchen Makeovers.  So, we’re delighted to have a guest judge for this challenge who understands that while a new kitchen is something many of us are dreaming of, this “major project” doesn’t always require a major budget.  Please welcome Cassity,

the blogger  behind one of our favorite blogs, Remodelaholic.

Here’s what Cassity has to say about her own home–the inspiration behind Remodelaholic— and budget renovations:

“I love almost every creative avenue and like to have projects to keep me busy. When it comes to remodeling we do it on a tight budget. Try at tops $5,000 for our entire house.  Our motto is reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose, remodel (try saying that 5 times fast)! We try to use old things in creative ways and reuse our old building supplies in other projects.”

Cassity is married to a fellow DIY-er, Justin, who she calls “a honey-do genius”.  She is the mother of two adorable little girls.
While she started out on the career path of interior designer, Cassity is currently pursuing the career of full-time wife and mom.  She uses her degreed knowledge to help her friends and fix up her own homes.
That’s right, we said homes.  Cassity and Justin are currently living in and working on their third project house.

Cassity’s blog isn’t just about big remodeling projects.  She’s got lots of tips and tutorials on ways to make a house a home.  Here are some of our favorites:

Bathroom vanity re-do

Enlarging moldings inexpensively

Turning garage doors into carriage doors

DIY mosaic art and mod screen

Literal book bag tutorial

Cassity is really excited to view and judge your kitchen makeovers this week.  She tells us,

“The next project that I am DYING to work on is my kitchen.  Maybe that is why I am so fixated on showing you great painted kitchen remodels on Remodelaholic….like somehow if I post about someone else’s awesome remodel ours will magically –  Bippity- boppity – BOO! – start and finish itself.  A girl can dream, right?”

Remodelaholic is a fantastic place to get inspiration for your own kitchen makeovers, since Cassity has featured LOTS of great kitchen remodels by other bloggers.  You can view them HERE.

We’re very happy to welcome Cassity as our guest judge this week.  We know she’s going to love seeing your kitchen makeovers!  Make sure you stop by Remodelaholic so that you can get to know her better and see her own genius projects.

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