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August 7, 2011
Beautiful Blue & White Porch – {Pretty Handy Girl}
August 9, 2011

Urban Porch Makeover–{Funkytime}

Hi guys! It’s me again, Sibylle from Funkytime. This week’s theme here at the CSI Project is all about Porches, Terraces, Patios and Decks. Isn’t it just so relaxing to have your morning coffee on the porch, when the first sun rays are shining through the trees and the city is slowly waking up? This is my favorite part of the day! We just moved into our new place in the city and now don’t have a big porch anymore, it’s rather small, more like a balcony, but we also have a rooftop terrace from which we enjoy the beautiful sunsets every day. Today I will show you our little porch/balcony transformation. It looked really sad, when we moved in:  

The past tenants used it more as a storage for trash and empty bottles.

The first thing I did is covering our ugly plastic flower pots with burlap:

I also had an Ikea outdoor table, that was to big for the new porch, so I transformed it into an outdoor side table. I decorated it with our lemonade stand sign and also attached a flower box bracket to hold my magazines.

I also made a little stand out of 2×4’s for my vintage bowl collection, which I filled with water and flowers. In the evening I put swimming candles in them, so romantic;-)

Everything on this porch is re-used and re-cycled. I did not buy anything but the herbs. The pillow cases are made of fabric, that I had left over from previous projects. You can find the DIY for the chicken wire chandelier here.

We will still paint the floors at a later time. Any suggestions for the color?

We have a furry visitor, called Mimi, she comes over every day to say hi. Now she has her own space on the porch.

I have to say, I really love the urban life. So happy to be back;-) But there is still so much to do! I also finished our dining room the other day, now I have 4 more rooms to go!

Enjoy your morning coffee!



  1. MizBizz says:

    Definitely paint the floor red…what a POW of color that will be! You’re porch re-do is fantastic and inspiring.

  2. I love how much you packed into a small space. It is so full of personality. I love it.

  3. maria says:

    oh wow! that’s beautiful! I love it all. The planter bag looks so easy to make, what a great idea.

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