Flower & Paisley Painted Lampshade–{Mural Maker & More}
August 23, 2011
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August 25, 2011

Anthro Inspired Lamp Makeover–{Ninth Street Notions}

Hi everybody! I’m Amanda, from Ninth Street Notions. I want to thank the gang for letting me share this tutorial on a lamp makeover I recently did with you all.
This lamp was on display at a certain relative’s house (names withheld to protect the innocent).
Why you would have a lamp with a ripped-up lampshade is beyond me. Not to mention the fact that the lampshade appeared to have been made out of a shower curtain liner. Plus, the brass was so dark and outdated.
Enter: Me. And this Anthropologie lamp, from which I gained my inspiration.
I gathered materials:
2 yards muslin
1 yard green striped fabric
8 buttons
green grosgrain ribbon
spray paint – almond shade
Next, that yucky old shower curtain was taken off the lampshade frame. This revealed a cute flower-shaped lampshade.
The base of the lamp got a few coats of almond-colored spray paint. I used an indoor/outdoor paint with a sheen finish. The shape of the base meant that I had to take a few different angles in order to get an even coating.
I folded the muslin fabric in half selvage to selvage and cut the entire amount into two-inch wide strips. Don’t worry about being very precise; this lamp is meant to have a shabby chic look.
I then sewed each of these strips together to form one giant, super piece of fabric. A helpful hint: don’t clip in between pieces. Simply take the end, match it right side to right side of another strip and sew together. At the end, cut all of them apart. This saves time.
Begin wrapping the super strip around the lampshade. I used clothespins periodically to keep it tight against the frame as I wrapped all of the way around.
Be sure your seams face the inside of the lampshade. I then hot-glued the strip to the lampshade base.
After measuring the height of my lampshade, I cut 16 strips of the green-striped fabric 15"x3". I really liked the serged edges of the Anthropologie lamp, so I serged these strips wrong sides together.
I pleated the strips and hand-sewed a button on. Make this random, and at different spots on different strips. I hot-glued these to each of the "petals" of the lampshade. If you have a regular, circular lampshade, be sure and measure so that each is evenly placed.
I cut my ribbon to fit the top of the lampshade. I folded it in half, hot-glued it together, and then hot-glued it to the top of the lampshade.
After putting the lamp all back together:
A lighter, brighter lamp that isn’t made from a shower curtain. Plus, it saves on Anthro by costing less than $10, not $98.
Thanks again for letting me share this lamp makeover with you, and I hope to see you around Ninth Street Notions!

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