Team Pride Shirt–{Sweet Pea}

Hello, I’m Paula from Sweet Pea. I enjoy blogging about crafting, cooking, gardening, decorating, travel, and exercise. I’m excited to be back at the CSI Project for another guest post, this time for Orange Week.

It’s football season, the perfect time to flaunt your school colors, and one of my school colors just happens to be orange.  In the middle school where I teach 7th grade, there are many special days where teachers and students dress to support their favorite school.  I love an opportunity to show my Virginia Tech pride!

School pride day is usually on a Friday when most teachers wear jeans.  I rarely wear jeans to school, so I decided to craft a VT skirt using a pillowcase.
VT Skirt23
Much better than jeans, don’t you think?

Want to make your own?  Here’s how:

~Pillowcase in your school’s color
~Coordinating fabric for the school logo
~Printout of the logo
~Fusible webbing
~Regular sewing supplies

VT Skirt1
The only thing that I had to purchase for this project was the pillowcase, everything else I had on hand.  I found a body pillowcase on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond for just $4.99.

The first step in making this skirt is to determine how long you’d like it to be.  I wanted mine to fall just above my knee, making my measurement 20 1/2”.  Then add 1 1/2” to this measurement.  Cut the pillowcase at the sum of the two numbers, mine was 22”.  (Note – Measure starting at the open end of the pillowcase.  This will be the bottom of the skirt.  No hemming will be necessary!)


Cut two 2” strips from the remaining pillowcase piece for the drawstring.VT Skirt3

Cut off the hemmed edges.
VT Skirt4

Sew the two strips together to make one long strip for the drawstring.
VT Skirt5

Cut off the serged edges and iron flat.
VT Skirt6

Now you have the start of a skirt and the start of a drawstring.
VT Skirt7

Turn the skirt piece inside out, iron down 1/2”, and then 1” to make the waistband.  Don’t stitch just yet!
VT Skirt8

For the drawstring, fold in half and iron.  Then fold each side in 1/2” and iron.  This will make your final drawstring width 1/2”.
VT Skirt9
Fold each end up and iron in place.
VT Skirt10

Stitch along the two short ends and one long side and the drawstring is complete.
VT Skirt11

Back to the skirt. 

Mark the waistband at the half-way point for a buttonhole.  This will be sewn through one layer on the outside of the skirt.
VT Skirt12VT Skirt13

Use a seam ripper to open the buttonhole and secure with a small amount of Fray Check.  (Not shown)

Turn the skirt inside out and sew the waistband.
VT Skirt16

To make the logo, trace the reverse of your school’s logo onto fusible webbing, iron to fabric, and cut out.
VT Skirt14VT Skirt15

Iron logo to your skirt.
VT Skirt17

Use the applique setting on your sewing machine to edge the logo.
VT Skirt18

Attach a safety pin to one end of the drawstring and feed through the casing.  Feed and pull until the drawstring is completely through the casing and is even.
VT Skirt19
VT Skirt 20

Put on your skirt and flaunt your school pride!
VT Skirt22
Did you notice my VT cuff?  I made it using a tennis ball!

Many thanks to the CSI ladies for allowing me the pleasure of guest posting.  I love visitors and would be thrilled to see you at my blog, Sweet Pea.

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