Orange Dipped Bottles – {Dukes & Duchesses}

I’m Randi from Dukes and Duchesses and I’m so glad to be posting here again.  I adore the color orange {as evidenced by a bright orange hallway on the main floor of my house} and I have a fun and simple project to share with you.  If you have an aversion to orange, this could really be done with any color.
Start with glassware of some sort.  I used a cork-topped bottle that I’ve had forever but you could use any type of bottle or jar.  Be aware that if your glassware has any type of texture {like mine}, the texture will be enhanced by this process.  If you prefer a smooth surface, pick a smooth bottle.
Apply your initial {or a short word} on the glass using a regular letter sticker found at any craft store.
Pour your paint of choice into a disposable bucket.  I used leftover wall paint for this project.  Wall paint, rather than craft paint, tends to be thicker and will adhere to the glass a bit better.  Dip your glassware into the bucket, making sure the paint goes above your letter.
Hold the glassware over the bucket until the heavy dripping stops …
… and then place it on wax paper to dry.  Important:  once the dripping has slowed significantly, carefully peel away your sticker.  If you leave the sticker in place until the paint has fully dried, when you remove it, it’ll peel away half your painted surface.  Trust me on this one.
Let dry for 24 hours and your project is complete.  You now have cute monogrammed glassware that will add a little color and fun to your decor!

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