Winners of the Halloween Extravaganza Challenge!

We’re so excited to let you see which projects were picked as favorites this week by our guest judge, Lara of Less Cake {More Frosting}.

It sounds like Lara had an amazing time looking through all of your projects.  Here’s what she told us:

“You guys.  Seriously!  This was so much fun looking through these Halloween projects.  I’m not a HUGE fan of the scary and gory parts of the celebration.  But I AM a huge fan of candy, black & white with a splash of orange, and……I’ll just say it…….candy corns.  It’s true.  (I find that candy corns are much like Mr. Neil Diamond…..most people either LOVE them or HATE them.  I love both.  The. End.)

It was so hard to choose.  I even had to elicit some opinions from my extended family whom I happen to be hanging out with this week.  We finally came to an agreement after some rather fun holiday debates.  (and while eating candy corn)”

Lara, you are too much fun!  We’re so glad you would spend the week with us here at The CSI Project.  Our winners this week are going to enjoy reading the compliments Lara gave each of your projects.  (Lara’s comments are in italics.

Mod Podge Pumpkins from The 36th Avenue
I think this one was tailor made for me!  I adore Mod Podge projects.  I think black and white fabric is amazing.  And I need one of these pumpkins STAT!  Great job Desiree.  (oh, and I’m totally following your blog now!)

Creepy Halloween Printables from Funkytime
I am a sucker for super clean, graphic design.  And the names on these are hysterical.  I think I like the Fang Floss the best.

Candy Chandy from The Life of CK and Nate
My 9 year old son pointed out this project to me.  He was looking through the links with me and was like “check that out, Mom!”  Oh man.  I mentioned how we were eating candy corns at the time….right?  I thought I’d let him make a comment:
“I thought it was cool how you put candy into a light.  And I wanna eat some of that candy!”

Snow White Spell Book from Polish the Stars
I’m a HUGE Disney fan.  And I LOVE how this project pays homage to the Wicked Queen from Snow White.  She’s just enough creepy for me.  And I really need one of these books for our house next year!

Boo Pillow from In Between Laundry
For real?  I’m dying over these ruffles.  This pillow would be so fantastic in my Halloween decor this year.  Beyond the ruffles, there’s something fabulous about the O’s in the Boo not laying the same way.  Brilliant!

Halloween Costume Tin from Clean & Scentsible
I’ve seen the idea of keeping a scrapbook of the kids’ costumes each year, and I love it!  This one is so super funky and fun.  So much hard work.  But won’t it pay off every year when you look through it?  For sure!  I really like this one.

Black Velvet Pumpkins from Homework
I love these yummy velvet pumpkins.  I have seen several versions of this idea, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen them in black!  And they are so very elegant….yet creepy at the same time.  Awesome!

Halloween Tablescape from Courtney Out Loud
Speaking of creepy, but yummy…..oh my!  I want to attend this dinner party SO BAD!  It is the classy, spider-web covered, kind of Halloween that I just love.  I love that there’s a back story for this client, and also the references to The Raven, which is FANTASTIC at this time of year!

Painted Halloween Treat Bags from Steph Jacobsen
What a fabulous way to give out treats to your neighbors or friends.  My personal “trick” would be that I’d steal all the bags.  Particularly the black & white, simple versions.  Those are STUNNING!

Halloween Buffet from Crafty, Scrappy, Happy.
Okay.  For real, I’ve threatened stealing.  This time I’m not kidding.  That typewriter with the black bird?  It’s almost too much for me to handle!  I’m in love.  This is a darling way to mix the different fonts and mediums.  Really fun.

Halloween Smelly Jellies from {Ginger Snap Crafts}
I really loved the idea of this technique.  As well as the AWESOME font-ee-ness (what? That’s a word!) going on for the middle jar.  Those right justified words are nummy!  (I’m a font nerd.  It’s okay!)

The CSI Girls picked their favorite projects, too.

Ways to Dress Up Drinks for Halloween from Celebrations at Home

Spooky Halloween Tree from Red Barn Candle Company

Congratulations to all of this week’s winners!  You can get you buttons HERE.

We’re not through announcing winners, yet…we have a giveaway, sponsored by Renee’s Soirees.

Our randomly drawn winner will receive a $40 shop credit to use towards printable items, like this.

Looks like our winner is….

#158 I’m Performing Lobotomies from Anythingology

We want to thank our guest judge, Lara of Less Cake {More Frosting}, and sponsor, Renee’s Soirees, for participating in the Halloween Extravaganza Challenge.  It was a delight to spend the week with you!

And thanks to all of you who submitted your projects and added to our Halloween inspiration files this week!  You are all so talented, and we really enjoy seeing what you come up with.  Come back soon for our next exciting challenge!

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