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Hi all! I’m Jennifer from All Things Belle and I’m so happy to be guest posting again. I was beyond excited when I saw the request go out for decorating a children’s room. A year ago I tried to decorate my eldest daughter’s room in a Tinkerbell theme, but I went into pre labor with my second daughter and the room never was completely finished. Instead of painting the room, I cut squares of vinyl and placed them on the wall. You can see our "before" bedroom below.

Even though the room was never finished, I did have one major highlight, the giant flower canopy. It was a knock off of a Pottery Barn children’s canopy, you can find my original tutorial here.


I was thrilled to finish my daughter’s Tinkerbell room, when I asked the silliest question of all. I asked my three year old daughter what kind of room she would like. You see where I’m going with this right? Right! In the past year, the fairies have come out of favor and it’s all about Disney’s RAPUZNEL! Lucky for me, our Dutch Boy paint Eclectic Plum, was the also the perfect shade to match the Rapunzel theme from the movie Tangled.

We tore off the sheets of vinyl and unearthed the original nursery room color – fire engine red! Time to tape off & prime!
Here we are mid painting. Even though the red base was such a strong color, with 2 coats of prime and 2 coats of the Dutch Boy paint – the purple shade was perfect!
I am making a number of items for Christmas to match the new room, but I wanted to add a few touches for now. A super, simple way to change a child’s room is to update the nightlight. A few ruffled strips of fabric on a nightlight base transformed it into a beautiful focal point.
One of my favorite visuals from the movie Tangled, was Rapunzel’s murals all across the tower. I used the same Dutch Boy paint and painted freely on the ceiling. It adds so much fanciful flavor to the room and was a huge hit with my daughter. I even let her doodle a bit on the ceiling as well.
And what happened to my favorite flower canopy? Well it was transformed into Rapunzel’s tower of beauty. I removed the extra pink tulle and flower petals. I then pinned a fancy purple fabric remnant on top of the canopy and added streams of silver fabric. Our daughter’s play vanity is at the base of the tower. A very quick change to the canopy and it radically changes the look.
I hope you love our new Rapunzel room. A fresh coat of paint and some extra touches to a child’s room is a quick way to light up their world.
Thank you so much for spending this time with me. I hope that you’ll visit my blog, All Things Belle. I love to write about sewing, quilting, crocheting and more. And you if stop by today, you’ll find out how you can win a tub of Dutch Boy in Eclectic Plum – the same paint featured in my tutorial today.

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