Thank a Veteran

I interrupt this regularly scheduled craft program for a very important reminder. It is Veteran’s Day and that means during this Thanksgiving week, we should be thankful for all of the veterns who have served in the past and those who continue to serve now.

I am the wife of a Navy Commander. He is also an F-18 Pilot in the Navy.

I am so proud of his service to this great nation.

I am also proud to be his wife. He is the cute and great guy behind this blog. He does all of the technical work.

He is also very supportive of me and helping me do what I love, which is always being there for my family,crafting and this blog.

He is also a great dad with 2 boys that want to follow in his footsteps and 2 little girls that are wrapped around his finger.

Not to mention, our furry family members adore him too!

I not only honor my hero, my husband today, but also my 2 grandfather’s that fought in WWII and the Korean War. One of them was in the Navy and the other was an Air Force pilot. I am also proud to be their granddaughter.

So, today do not forget to thank a veteran.

Thank someone who is currently serving and thank their families that have sacrificed seeing their loved one for months and years so they could serve their country. Those who have sacrificed seeing their babies born or missed the holidays with their families. For those young and old, those who lived or died…..they all deserve our pride. They kept the red, white and blue in their hearts and fought for our rights.

Online classes are a blessing
for many of these veterans who want to continue their education when they
get home.


They fought for freedom.

The valor of our veterans can never be captured fully in ceremonies or tributes – and certainly not in a single post. But it can be recognized, celebrated and remembered nonetheless by all of us who breathe the air of freedom they so heroically defended. To all veterans, The CSI Project offers the gratitude of a great nation, and our best wishes for a long and happy life lived forevermore in peace.

To celebrate Veteran’s Day, in a crafty way, I wanted to share this printable from

Over the Big Moon.

Click on the image to print off your own and to visit this cute blog!!!

l love The CSI Project because it truly shares the passion of creating, sharing and inspiring, but also is about real life and how we choose to live it.

It is about the women and the families behind the blogs because their lives are so much more than just paint, modge podge or a die cutting machine.

If you have a loved one, who has served or is currently serving, leave a comment or send an email using the contact form. You can even send me a picture and I will post it.

I will honor all of those today and through the weekend on our Facebook page.

It is my honor to do so, to say thank you and God bless you all!



I am a craft lovin', Diet coke drinkin' kind of girl! I love glitter and anything leopard print. My passions are crafting, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle and of course my family. The CSI Project believes in the mission to Create, Share and Inspire. When you create and share, you are sure to inspire! Hope you come away from The CSI Project inspired and come back anytime!!!

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