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Hi Everyone!! I’m Ashley, and I blog over at Cherished Bliss. I am so excited to be over here on The CSI Project! I am a wife to an AMAZING husband, and a mama to two beautiful children. My family is truly my inspiration in all that I do. 
I have to say that Christmas is probably my favorite holiday, my favorite time of year, and my favorite thing to decorate for! I do however struggle a little bit with the decorations because I love anything that has sentiment behind it, but I also want my house to look pretty and color coordinated. Those don’t always go hand in hand when you do crafts with a 3 year old boy and an 18 month little girl (big.messes). This year I decided I wanted to do a burlap Christmas, so I have been incorporating lots of burlap, twine, and earthy materials into my décor. So in planning for this tutorial I thought and thought of how to use my children’s artwork to fit in with my decorating scheme, and I have to say I am super excited to share this tutorial with you. I love it so much and I will never forget making it with my children (the BEST part)!!!
Burlap Christmas Tree 2
This is very easy to do. You don’t have to use burlap, any fabric you want to paint will work, however I have only tried it with the burlap. 
1. Roughly half a yard of burlap
2. Acrylic Paint
3. Hot glue gun and hot glue
4. Styrofoam cone
5. Scissors
First I covered my table in paper, then I laid out the burlap (one piece for each kid), set up their paints and let them go to town! You will end up with the most beautiful piece of art you have ever seen ; ) 
Cover table table 1 Au
table1 A_edited-1 painted burlap
Once they are done painting, let it dry completely. You will then cut it up into little pieces. The amount depends on what size you cut your pieces, it is really all up to you if you want big loops or little loops. Mine were roughly 1/2” x 3” I wasn’t exact with my cutting though. I glued as I cut (every 15 pieces) so I didn’t end up cutting way too many. Not to mention I am impatient and like seeing what I make as I go. : ) 
Burlap Pieces1
Once you are done cutting out your pieces you are going to pull out your handy dandy hot glue gun. (I used a low temp one) I would use a low temp setting especially if your kids are helping with this part. Mine are just a wee too young to use scissors and hot glue! But if you have school aged children they could help with the whole project!
Now, fold the piece in half and put a dot of hot glue meeting up the two short ends like so…
Folded pieces
Once you do that and they dry, you will begin gluing each piece around the cone starting at the bottom. When you finish each row, begin centering the next piece over the space between each piece from below.
glue on cone
Keeping going around and around until you get to the top.
top of tree
How I did the top was instead of folding each piece you cut in half, I folded one short end up about halfway in length leaving an extra flap to fold over the top. I glued them around the top, and then again glued down the flap on the flat part of the cone top. 
Now you have your very own child-painted burlap Christmas tree! The best part, you can do this in ANY color! They even sell colored burlap. The possibilities are endless!! : ) I love having this beautiful Christmas tree made by my adorable children, and still goes with my décor! It has such a special place in my heart this year and for many more to come! I can’t wait to make ornaments with them next! 
Burlap Christmas Tree
A HUGE thank you to Dee for having me over here at CSI! I have had so much fun and can’t wait to see what everyone links up this week! 
I hope you will stop by my blog and say hi! While you are there feel free to check out some of my other tutorials, and check back often as I decorate my new home for Christmas and take you along on my journey!
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Merry Christmas!
~ Thank you Ashley. This is so fun and I love the pictures of the kids. So precious!
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