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December 10, 2011
Sponsor and Guest Judge of the Week: Ornament Challenge
December 11, 2011

Challenge of the Week: Handmade Ornaments

From year to year, I love going through the ornaments and decorating the tree. I love being reminded of special events when I look at them. Such as the first Christmas you shared as husband and wife, the birth of your kids and maybe an ornament that marks something special that happened to your family that year.

Ornaments can remind us of who we are and who we have become.

I recently went to a handmade ornament exchange hosted by a woman in my church. It was so fun making 11 ornaments and then going home with 11 very unique ones. I will always be reminded of these ladies when I see these ornaments from year to year.

Well before this time of year, I came across a gorgeous ornament on a blog. I immediately wrote to these ladies and asked if they would share how they made this ornament.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

DIY: Pearl Ornament

We are thrilled to share our peal ornament with the CSI project.  Thank you for the opportunity!  We love sharing our crafty ideas and hope to inspire!  We are the Do It Yourself Divas.

We are sisters. We love to let our kiddos play while we craft away.

Stephanie: The younger. Blonde. Short. Mother of 2 beautiful girls. Wife to engineer hubby. Loves chocolate, Dr. Pepper and running.

Megan: The elder. Redheaded. Short. Mother of one handsome boy and one lovely baby girl. Wife to hardworking student. Loves running, picture taking and Dr. Pepper.

Enough about us.  Let’s talk about what your Christmas tree might need this holiday season.

How about this DIY Pearl Bulb Ornament

You need:

Inexpensive bulbs from the dollar store

Many many pearls and other crystal beads if you desire

(I used pearls from a couple of broken necklaces that I had. Use about 70 pearls to cover one bulb.)

Hot glue gun

Tulle to string through the top

Step 1: Start from the top of the bulb and glue pearls of various sizes onto the bulb. Work your way down.

 Step 2: String a bit of tulle through the top of the ornament and tie it in a bow. Hang on the tree.

 Do you like any other ornaments on our tree? Check out our stenciled lace bulb tutorial, snowy pinecone ornament tutorial, musical note ornament tutorial, and burlap and tulle garland tutorial.

 Megan & Stephanie

Isn’t that gorgeous?

Stop by their blog here and see all of the ornament tutorials.

Do you have some handmade ornaments you want to link up?

Get them ready and be sure to come back tomorrow to see who will be our guest and who is our sponsor.

Hint: It’s the same person and she knows her Christmas Ornaments

As always, here is the week’s schedule:

Sunday- Sponsor and guest judge of the week are announced

Monday- Tutorial #1

Tuesday- Tutorial #2

Wednesday- Tutorial #3, link up party begins at midnight (MST)

Thursday- Link party continues

Friday- Link party ends at noon, another edition of  The CSI Chic Chronicles

Saturday- Winners and new challenge announced

I hope this week you will

Create, Share and Inspire!

Find out how you can be apart of Giraffe Grins Charity, here. You can partner up with The CSI Project and bring a smile to kids faces.

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