Guest Judge{Naptime Chef}

Welcome back to the CSI Project for another great week featuring FOOD!

I know we love our crafts and decorating our homes but what about food?

I love my food just as much as I love my crafting. Well, I have been known to craft and eat at the same time.

So, this week’s challenge is Soup recipes and Comfort Foods.

I am so excited to have Kelsey, better known as the Naptime Chef.



This girl knows her way around the kitchen and also mastered the art of enjoying the quiet time that naptime can bring.

She lives her life as a fooodie and a mom.

In her own words she explains her inspiration behind the blog,

“Cooking during naptime meant I could still enjoy making and eating great food while taking pleasure in nourishing my family. It was a great way for me to adapt my cooking style to fit my new life as a parent.Once I figured out this new routine I became dead set on marrying my lives as a foodie and a Mom. I started telling all of my friends, most of who were struggling with cooking on a daily basis, and I started my blog, The Naptime Chef®. All of the parenting food blogs seemed to discuss ways to making meal time “fast, quick, easy” but I wanted to write about the pleasure of cooking and eating great food, and how all of it can be fit into family life. Hence my tag line, “Fitting Great Food Into Family Life.” If your children don’t nap anymore then the food I write about can be made during downtime during the day, like when they are at soccer practice. Or you can be a bedtime chef and cook or bake after they’ve gone to bed. I take the stance that great food can fit into family life no matter your schedule. Cooking and eating should be enjoyable, even if you are a parent. In short, we all can be Naptime Chefs.”

Kelsey is also releasing her first cookbook this year. So, look for it and I hope to be able to announce when it is officially  released on the blog.

You can pre-order her book on her blog too!

On her blog, you can find webisodes featuring her favorite recipes, Naptime menus featuring put together easy meals, and she even has a store featuring tons of great cook books.

She also knows her soup recipes so that makes her the best guest judge for this week.

“Soup is probably one of the best dishes to make in advance. With most soups the flavor only improve with time and they never, ever go bad sitting on the stovetop for an extra hour.” – Kelsey said in her post, Fire Roasted Spicy Tomato Soup

I also love this recipe, Creamy Mushroom Leek Soup with Peppery Parmesan Croutons


Kelsey will visiting all of your links and choosing her favorites this week. I am so happy to have her here with us and I hope you will stop by her blog and try some of her recipes. Why not? She is fabulous!

Also, pre-order her cookbook so you don’t miss out!

A special thanks to Kelsey for being here. We are honored to have you.


Tomorrow we kick off our week with a great recipe, so come on back!


Always remember to Create, Share and Inspire in all you do!!!


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