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Hello everyone!  My name is Sharon.  I sew and create original handbags and purses at http://www.elphiadesigns.com/
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This is so exciting for me to be doing a guest post.  In fact, it’s my 1st one ever! Woo hoo!
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I love all things “organization”…though I may not always be organized!  This project is a good effort toward sorting out whose “paper goods” are whose.  By this I mean mail, school info, to do lists, etc… I wanted it to be more than just a way to organize, however, I wanted to use it for showcasing special pictures as well.
For this project you will need the following:
1. a very strong wood to wood adhesive, ex: Gorilla Glue
2. foam paint brushes and a medium sized bristle painters’ brush
3. clothes pins
4. a small bottle of Mod Podge
5. any hanging devise of your choice, I used a heavy duty mirror and picture hanger
6. one piece of scrap wood, I got mine for $2 in the “mistake/clearance” pre-cut wood area, or use a scrap piece you have lying around in your garage or basement
7. wooden circle dye cuts, I got mine at Michael’s: 1 bag of seven for $3.
8. paint
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Making the Weekly Organization Shelf:

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The Piece of wood I chose was pretty rough, so I sanded it before painting.

jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 040

Paint the wood completely.  It may take a couple of coats.  Let it dry thoroughly between coats.

jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 042
jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 045jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 048
Paint the clothes pins and wooden circles.  Let dry completely.

jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 049
Center and attach the back hanger.  It is much easier to do this step BEFORE you glue on the clothes pins.
jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 051

jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 053jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 054
Type whatever words or letters you want to mod podge to your shelf.  I used my open office writer.  I did font size 40 in bold, italic, “adorable” text font for the words.  I did the week letters in font size 44.

jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 058

Mod podge the words onto the shelf and the letters onto the wooden circles.

jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 064
Allow to dry for at least an hour.  It dries clear.

jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 066

Glue the clothes pins to the shelf, measure the
placement first.  Follow the directions for the glue…ex: gorilla glue REALLY triple expands, so you don’t need much.

jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 068
Glue the wooden circles to the clothes pins.

jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 069
jan 14 thru jan 22 2012 078
Admire and USE your cool new Weekly Organization Shelf!!
Thank you so much to Dee at the CSI Project for allowing me to contribute a guest post.  Please stop by my site to check out my creations.  http://www.elphiadesigns.com/
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~ Thank you Sharon for sharing your day with us here at The CSI Project. This is so great and congrats on your frst tutorial. Come back and do it again sometime!


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