Dry Erase Weekly Planner{Avery & Winslow}

I like my organization the same way I like my crafts – – simple & inexpensive.

Like this tp roll colored pencil organizer:

Or this girly pencil cup:

Last week, I was feeding my habit browsing at Joann Fabrics when I saw an interesting dry erase calendar. It was printed on glass and then framed. I thought it was a cool dry erase idea, but it didn’t leave much space to record anything and the style was very blah.

Enter my plan to make one that was cheaper, cuter, and much more usable.

You can use this erasable organizer for meal planning, children’s chores, your cleaning routine, or even blog plans.

Let’s make a dry erase planner together.

Pick a frame with a glass insert. Mine is 10″ x 13″.

Paint your frame a new color if it’s looking dingy or dated.

Cut a piece of cardboard or posterboard to fit in your frame.

Cover your board with paper, fabric, or gift wrap.

Now, it’s time to cut out white rectangles (or any color you love that’s light enough for your marker to show) where you will write your plans for the day.

Figure out how much space you can use for each day. The vertical opening on my frame is 12.5”. I want to include 7 days on my planner. 12.5 divided by 7 gives 1.78” for each day. I want space between my rectangles, so I will cut them smaller at 1.5” tall and 7” wide.

Lay out your rectangles on your board to get spacing correct before you glue them down. {For this step, I put my board in the frame without the glass to make sure that my rectangles would not be covered by the frame.}

I used a shape punch to make scalloped circles for my letters of the week. I glued them down on alternating sides.

Add your letters. The letters for your days of the week can be chipboard like mine – – or you can create them on your cutting machine, use a favorite stamp set, or use stickers.

Finally, put the frame together (remember to put the glass in first!).

Now, kick back and pat yourself on the back for being that organized adult you always knew you could be. 😉

Thanks for having me on the CSI Project Today!

::: Catherine from Avery & Winslow :::


~ Thanks Catherine! This is so great and easy. I love that you use it for organizing your blog too!

Great idea! Come back anytime!!!


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