Birthday Banner Tutorial{Lolly Jane}

Hey there CSI Projecters!

We are thrilled to be here and can’t wait to share our universal birthday banner tutorial with you but first let’s introduce ourselves 🙂


We are twin sisters Kelli & Kristi of Lolly Jane

an eclectic craft blog filled with holiday crafts, home decor projects, DIY knock-offs, home improvement tips and even a yummy recipe or two.  We’d love for you to pop by and say hello sometime or chat with us on FB, Twitter or Pinterest 🙂


Now that you know a smidge about us, let’s chat about birthday parties!  

Doesn’t your face just light up with excitement when you hear those two words together? 🙂  Ours does!  With 5 kids between us (and one on the way) we know a thing or two about celebrating birthdays.  Of course we still go all out for our own birthday…

 (just hit the big three-oh!) and are consistently able to use one piece of party decor, the universal party banner: 



No matter what age, we can bust out this bad boy that matches most party decor and celebrate with a toddler, tween/teen, adult or grandparent.  It’s all one piece so it’s easy peasy to pack up and transport from party to party.  


Let’s make one, shall we? 🙂

To get started you’ll need just a few things…

dollar store birthday banner, colorful strips of ribbon, white cardstock, vinyl lettering or printed letters and craft supplies (hot glue, glue spray adhesive, scissors.)


1. Snag a colorful birthday banner from the dollar store to use as your base.  They look flimsy but we assure you they hold the weight of the cardstock, ribbon and glue just fine 😉

2. You’ll need 4-5 strips of colorful ribbon to go in between each banner so dig in your stash to see whatcha got.

3. Cut the strips in various lengths, between 4-6″ each.

4. After getting a nice cold diet coke from your local corner store (a MUST when crafting Lolly Jane style!) lay out your supplies on a good sized work surface, (like Kelli’s dining room table.) 

5. Trace one of dollar store banner triangles to see how big to cut your cardstock; we left about 1/4″ of the border peeking through.  Cut cardstock to size.

6. Once your triangles are cut, glue them onto the plastic dollar store banner using a spray adhesive.  

7. This is the step where you’ll need your “happy birthday” lettering… we used our vinyl cutter but you can print the letters directly on cardstock or even free hand them 😉

8. Fold the strips of ribbon (grouped by color family) in between the lettering and hot glue closed.

9. Admire your work and new birthday banner that can be used for parties of all ages!



We hope you enjoyed our tutorial as much as we enjoyed creating it 🙂

A big thanks to Dee for letting us be the caboose to this fun challenge!

Be sure to stop by Lolly Jane and say hi sometime!





~ I love these ladies and I get to see them this week in Phoenix. Yay!!!!

Thanks for spending your day with us.

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