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Hi! I’m Natalie and I blog at A Turtle’s Life for Me, where I share all kinds of recipes, crafts and my attempts at decorating!¬† I pretty much do everything on the cheap and don’t take myself too seriously!¬†
I’m very excited to be here at The CSI Project today and am going to share one of¬†
my favorite things to make for birthday parties, no matter who the guest of honor is!
A Memory Board!!
This particular one was for my daughter’s Michael Jackson birthday¬†
party that we had this year!  It was super easy and she loves going back and 
reading all the personal messages from her friends and cousins!  And I love having 
this sweet little “moment in time”!¬† Seriously, there isn’t much better than little kid¬†
handwriting!¬† I’m going to show you how I created this piece, but it can be¬†
adapted for any theme or age!
First, find a cheap board and paint any color you wish!  I found this piece of wood at an IKEA a couple years ago for $1 and loved it for this project because it was already nice and smooth!
Next, find an image online that would look great as just a silhouette and print it out in the size you want. After you have it printed out, use the side of a pencil tip to “color” the back of the print-out.¬† I printed 2 copies out, so I could show you the front side of the image and then the back all colored with the pencil.¬† You would only need to print one copy out. (I do now realize this is a different MJ silhouette from the one on the board above, but it’s the same technique, so just pretend he’s¬†
making the same move in all these pictures! Apparently I use MJ silhouettes a lot!)
Position your print-out on your painted board with the image up and facing you.¬† I would tape it in place so it doesn’t move around on you (especially if you’re doing MJ, he has a tendency to want to dance!).¬† Then you just use your pencil to trace all the lines of your drawing!¬† The outline will transfer to your board since you colored the back of your paper!
Then you can either paint it in with a small paintbrush or you use a paint pen.¬† I’ve tried
using a black permanent marker before but wasn’t thrilled with the way it looked, so
I usually stick with a fine tip paint pen for the outline and fill it in with a small brush. 
Then you just set it out as a decoration for the party with a Sharpie for autographs!
Be creative and use old cabinet doors, pieces of scrap wood, a canvas, a thrift store picture frame.. whatever you can find that has a good surface area for little messages from your guests!
If you aren’t too confident with your painting skills, you could also just cut a shape¬†
out of fabric or scrapbook paper and Mod Podge it on. Here’s some wrapping paper I mod podged onto a piece of scrap wood that I painted yellow for a boy’s autograph board.
or use a stencil for the big birthday number or a message!
It’s a great activity for guests during the party and a great
 keepsake for the guest of honor for afterwards!
Thanks so much for letting me share my project with you today and be sure to come 
visit me at A Turtle’s Life for Me to see what I’ve been up to lately!
~ Thanks Natalie and what a clever party idea.
It is always great when you stop by. Come back anytime!
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