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Hello CSI Readers! I’m Jessie from Imperfectly Polished and I’m thrilled to be back guest posting here today and have a simple, quick tutorial inspired by a pin on Pinterest.

My husband and I recently built our own dining room table and moved our old dining table into the kitchen {and sold our kitchen table}. We are in the process of getting some new seating and making the dining table more casual and cozy to fit with the style of the kitchen. One of the first items on the agenda was to purchase a neutral, warm rug and Ikea was the place to go. We bought this Erslev rug for $40.00 because of the natural look and price, of course. However, it was a little bland, so I decided to add some paint to it after seeing this great tutorial from Shelley at House of Smiths on Pinterest. Here are the supplies I started with:

  • rug
  • high density foam roller
  • sample can of paint {I used Tempered Gray by Valspar}
  • fabric medium {I used Martha Stewart brand}
  • paint tray
  • painter’s tape

I started by taping off my lines. My rug is 77″ so I decided to make 11″ stripes to make them nice and even, but you could obviously do thinner or thicker stripes, depending on the look you want.

I mixed my paint and fabric medium with a 2:1 ratio. The fabric medium will help soften the paint and help it stick to the fabric better and prevent fading. Then I simply rolled it on {side note: I ran out of painter’s tape, so the white tape you see is actually medical tape. It was all we had on hand, but it worked like a charm. It is meant to stick to gauze after all:)}.

I used a yard stick to evenly space my tape lines.

Since my stripes were so thick, I only needed to paint three of them and I was done. The whole project only took about half an hour.


And that’s it! The paint sample cost around $3 and I spent $2 for the roller. I had the fabric medium on hand, so the total for the rug and supplies was about $45. Great price for a large area rug!

Thanks for having me! Stop by and visit for lots more simple DIY tutorials at Imperfectly Polished!


~ Thanks, Jessie! It is always a pleasure having you here.


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