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CSI Chic Chronicles{From Plain to Pretty: Home Decorating Ideas}


The tutorials are over, the link party has ended now it is time for The CSI Chic Chronicles.

A time where we put aside the crafty and focus on the trendy, the fashionable, the fabulous.

Are you living life in the chic lane?

Here is a great article and tips on turning your home from plain to pretty.

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 Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and design. Beside this she is fond of books. Recently an article on acne marks attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Kids room decorating ideas.

From Plain to Pretty: Home decorating ideas

If you feel you are really bored of looking at the same old, plain living room, dining room, bedrooms and kitchen, you know for sure your house needs a different look. If you want you can keep it plain or if you want you can pep up your home with different creative ideas. A few different ideas, YES only a few different ideas can help you change the entire look of your beautiful home from plain to pretty.

1. Color right

The colors that you use for the walls of your house play a very vital role in throwing focus on your home décor. You might be using extremely expensive furniture, paintings, etc. however these items that you use to decorate your home are not brought into focus until you use the right color on your walls. Make sure the shades you use are right for the right room. These shades must match the theme of your room and your house. Select an area of focus in your room and use a bold shade to highlight that area, this shade must match the rest of the room along with the other color used in the room, the furniture and the paintings.

2. Decorate the walls


Image from Etsy.com

Once you use the right color on the right wall, you would definitely want to decorate it. Decorating the walls have to be done carefully. You can choose paintings, wall hangings, and also family pictures to decorate your walls with. Well whatever you choose, make sure you do not burden your wall with decorative items; over decorating the walls will make it look shabby. Choose the right painting for the right walls. You can modify your paintings and your family photos with beautiful frames. Use of wooden frames and beautiful metal frames will add to the beauty of your walls.

3. Use lights to focus

Using the right work in the right place will not make a difference if it is not visible. The beautiful work done in your house should be seen well, right. To increase the focus you can use lights. Right color lights will highlight your walls and throw focus on the decoration used on them. You can use beautiful and trendy side lamps, to match the theme of your room. Beautiful and modern ceiling lamps will enlighten the look of your room. For your bedroom you can use beautiful bedside lamps.

4. Select a theme

Owl themed play room

Before you start with the makeover and its shopping you must be clear of what would you want? Hence decide a theme and work on your home décor accordingly. You do not need to hire an expensive interior decorator to change the look of your house you can do it yourself with a little study and innovative ideas.

You can change the look of your entire house with some colors, right furniture, wall hangings, lights, etc. Choosing and looking for more innovative ideas can help you get more creative with your home décor. Think for your house and everything you would want in it, do it your way and enjoy living in it.




~ Thanks, Brianne. We love having you here and giving us great ideas and tips. You are living in the chic lane!


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