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Steps for Cutting Hair at Home You Must Know

Some days you could feel low and dull and yet want to get that new look you saw last night while watching your favorite TV show. Your laziness demands you to show some talent by chopping your hair yourself without stepping out. You might ask yourself how and if you would be able to get satisfactory results without turning it into a nightmare. Well read on more to know some easy steps to get those new locks at home.

Know what you want and don’t rush

No matter which cut you are looking for; be ready with all the required accessories at a specific place. This would include essentials like cape, scissors, comb, water spray, towel, shampoo, a big mirror, some clips and anything else you might think of as per your need and style. Don’t get too excited about your new adventure. Think again about the cut you want before you begin. Choose a cut that compliments your face.

Sit at the designated place and see yourself in the mirror. Assess if your hair needs shampoo and act accordingly before you begin your haircut. Oil free and dust free hair is the key to a good haircut.

Get ready to roll

Sit in front of the mirror, wear your cape and comb you hair to loosen any tight locks. Wet your hair with help of the hair spray. Wet hair is easy to manage during a haircut. Partition your hair to create sections as per the style you want for yourself. As per your hair length, choose a single portion to begin the cut and lift the remaining hair to twist the hair up tightly into a spiral and fix temporarily with a clip.

Lift the partition with your fingers and assess the length you want to achieve for your new look. Smooth this partition and lift it with a comb to hold the hair at your aimed length. Use a scissor to cut your hair the desired length. Continue cutting each partition till you get the style you wanted. Remember to unclip one section at a time.

Check, confirm and finish getting the finesse

Comb your hair slowly and check for any lagging strands. If such strands exist, chop them to maintain uniformity. Look yourself in the mirror and check for any gaps. Remember your cut should be proportional to the size of your head. Once done, blows dry your hair to style them giving them the look and finesse you always wanted.

The right hair cut style and technique can make you look appealing and healthier. Remember not to cut too much length if you are cutting for the first time. If you cut them too short, there is no option to reverse this action but to wait for few months. Follow each step at a time without rushing. Keep looking into the mirror at regular intervals to see if you are getting the right look. Follow these basic guidelines to ensure you get the cut you want, making you look good.


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