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April 21, 2012
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April 22, 2012

Challenge of the Week{Recycle, Re-Use and Re-Purpose}

Welcome back to another week of crafty fun here at The CSI Project. In honor of Earth Day, this week we will be focusing on recycling, re-using and re-purposing. This is one of my favorite things to do. I love finding and using things around my house or nature to craft with. I also love browsing the thrift stores looking for items to bring back to life and give them a new purpose.

So, in honor of Earth Day I am having an Earth Day inspired dinner. What a great way to teach our kids the importance of recycling and respecting our environment. I know if I throw in a fun dinner, they listen more.

Here is the table. I covered it in craft paper and I drew the recycle sign on it and will encourage them to draw ways they can help the environment. This is the only time they are allowed to color or draw on the table.



I am using just plain blue paper plates and since we are having “dirt” for dessert, I wrapped a spoon in the green napkin and tied with jute. I think jute has a very earthy look to it.


I placed an earth day book mark on each plate. I love these from Living Locurto. You can go get your own. They give 5 suggestions to help the environment.


Then for my centerpiece I re-purposed an old bubble gum jar and wrapped it with jute. I added moss for that earthy feel. Then, I cut the bookmark and just put the top part around the jar. I just added a rose from our garden and I was done.

We are cooking out hamburgers and of course having all of the fixings. I am making dirt for dessert which is so easy to do. Just make chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos and cool whip. Mix together and add gummy worms for that authentic dirt look. I am putting mine in a pail as if I went outside and dug it up. {he he}

For our craft, we are making simple bird feeders. Just use toilet rolls, or paper towel rolls. Then, cover in peanut butter and roll in bird seed. So easy!!!


So fun! What are you doing to celebrate and teach others about Earth Day?

The real question is what have you recycled, Re-Used or Re-Purposed for your home, for your wardrobe or accessories?

This week come back every day for a tutorial and great projects. Then, come link up and impress our guest judge. You just might win!

And you know we have fabulous giveaway planned.


I hope this week you will


Create, Share and Inspire!



  1. Kate M says:

    Everything is really cute, and I love the challenge. I hate to delurk to say this, but I wonder if creating such a disposable (albiet recyclable) tabletop is really the best message for Earth Day? Why not introduce cloth napkins (maybe made from scrap linen, which is the most environmentally friendly choice for cloth? Have the kids do a projectupcycling odds and ends to make permanent, personalized napkin rings so that you’re not washing the cloth every day or after every meal. Just some thoughts.

  2. cris says:

    YEAH! My favorite challenge! 😉

  3. I’m excited for this challenge!!! Perfect for Earth Day 🙂

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