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I am so happy to be back here at The CSI Project sharing a fun project involving flowers-paper flowers!
a good long while I have been keeping my eye out on these beautiful
book page wreaths and wanting to try my hand at making one of them.
So for this tutorial I decided to finally make one but add a fun 
twist to it.
So here’s what you’ll need:
18 inch straw wreath or foam (I find the straw ones are cheaper)
An old book with pages that are at least large enough to make a good sized cone (mine were about 6X8)
hot glue and glue gun (lots of sticks!)
Glue stick
Piece of cardboard from a box
Paper flowers
If you have a Cricut, I used the Flower Shoppe cartridge
The first thing I did was to make the cones from the book pages. I used a good glue stick for this to glue the cones together.
You’ll need to make lots of cones!
I took a piece of a cardboard box that just happened to have a white
side to it and traced a circle around to have it fit snuggly inside the
wreath form (this is where your flowers will go).
the cones were done, I glued them onto the back of the wreath one by
one, (at first I used my Mighty Mend It glue but it did not hold very
well against the plastic, so then I just reinforced that with floral
pins as you see here)


all the back ones are glued, I turned the wreath over (carefully) and
started gluing the cones to the front of the wreath. I let them set a
few minutes then came back and did another layer. Repeat to make the
wreath fuller.
between layers, I went to my Cricut and cut out the different paper
flowers and assembled them. I added a pearl embellishment to each to
“class” them up a bit.
you don’t have an electronic cutter you can make these out of paper or
fabric. There are a ton of tutorials on pinterest and I have pinned some
tutes here:




your cones are all set on your wreath, you will take the cardboard
circle you cut out and carefully set it on top of the wreath opening.
You may or may not want to cover the cone tips depending on the look you
want. I wanted my wreath to have a clean look at the inner edge so I
opted to cover the tips with the circle. 
If you don’t have a white cardboard box, you can simply cover the circle with more book pages 🙂


 I then arranged my flowers to see how I wanted them to look then I started hot gluing them.


Tie a ribbon through the wreath and hang.




{hanging in its temporary place}

Overall this wreath was made over the course of 4 nights. 
I made the cones in one night while watching T.V. then I would just fill it in when I had time at night when the kids were asleep 🙂

I really like the look of fullness and the touch of subtle color the flowers give it

I can’t wait to hang it over my mantle.

For more paper flower projects don’t forget to check out my blog at Our Adventures in Big Ole Texas.

Thanks so much to Dee for letting me guest post here at The CSI Project!!


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